Friday, November 22, 2013

Free People Friday: Tops and Sweaters

With Christmas quickly approaching, I'm taking another day out of the week to share some of my favorite things that I wouldn't mind finding under my tree. This time I'm focusing on one of my favorite clothing brands, Free People. If there was ever a clothing brand that epitomised my style, Free People would be it.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Road Tippin': Whovian Mecca-Who North America

Today I had the opportunity to finally visit Who North America, the Doctor Who dedicated shop on the west side Indianapolis. I found out about WNO earlier this year when they brought Peter Davison in as their guest to GenCon. Since then I've been meaning to visit their shop and finally got the chance today when they had an open house. The shop itself from the outside seems inconspicuous, but don't let it fool you. Inside is a plethora of Doctor Who goodies including a screening room, a museum of vintage Who merchandise (including a very cool pinball machine) and more merchandise than my poor pocketbook could handle.

Some of the museum room

And then there's the merchandise!

Captain Jack Harkness

What I walked away with

Check out WNA's Facebook page for info on future open houses, screenings and other special events. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A camera dilemma....

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So I'm a bit of a photophile. My mom's a photographer so I've always had a camera around, so it's not surprise that I've caught the bug. I've always owned point-and-shoot style cameras, and for a while I owned what is known as a "bridge" camera where it has many of the functions as a DSLR but not every function. As my bridge camera started to show serious signs of wear I sold it and have been using just my point-and-shoot and my iPhone. However I'm attending Chicago TARDIS at the end of this month and headed back to WDW next month and I really want a nicer camera to take with me. There are just some shots you can't get with a point-and-shoot and Instagram (plus it saves my phone's battery and I prefer to use the point-and-shoot for video).

So here's my dilemma, I have a tight budget so at this point I have three options:

1) Buy new. I'm looking at the Sony Alpha 65 which all of the options I'm looking for but is in all reality out of my budget (at least for now so no go on purchasing before the end of the month).

2) Buy used. B&H has a pretty good used store with a couple of Sony A200's and an A350 that are in pretty good condition. They're both an older model than the Alpha 65 but would do the job, and are closer to my price range, but they are used and I'd be concerned about the battery among other things (and buying a back-up battery would add to my overall cost).

3) Rent. Now this wouldn't help me as far as Chicago TARDIS is concerned, but for WDW I could rent a camera from Kingdom Camera Rentals. I've have friends who have used them and have nothing but great things to say, plus this would be the most budget friendly. BUT, I wouldn't have a camera for Chicago or anything else that comes up in the near future (like Thanksgiving or Christmas).

So that's my dilemma, sure I could probably make due with my point-and-shoot and my iPhone, but if you've ever been into photography you'll understand that the equipment makes a difference. Any suggestions, anyone want to make any donations to my camera fund? (Just kidding....kinda....)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Doctor Who Halloween Projection and Scare Prank

Every year we go to my mom's house, decorate the yard and scare the trick-or-treaters. This year we went with a Doctor Who theme complete with projections of the Doctors, villains, and monsters on the house; a moving and talking Dalek; and a TARDIS.

cardboard DIY Halloween propcardboard DIY Halloween prop
Our cardboard TARDIS in progress

DIY animatronic Halloween prop
Dalek skeleton

cardboard DIY Halloween propcardboard DIY Halloween prop
Painting the TARDIS

cardboard DIY Halloween prop
TARDIS in the yard

Doctor Who Halloween cosplay costume TARDIS Impossible Girl
I went as Clara Oswald from this year's Christmas special

October Insta-Tweet-Month Review








October was really busy!

1-2 Went to my in-laws to celebrate my cousin's 3rd birthday
3. Marching band!
6. Hitting the pumpkin patch with my cousins
7. Completed the 31 Days of Wholloween
8. Celebrated my husband's 29th birthday
9. Went to the Children's Museum with my cousins
10. Went to a family wedding
11. Got sick, unfortunately still am!
12. Started our Halloween project
13. Picked up our tickets to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in 3D
14. Went to a conference for work and saw my husband give a talk
15-16 Celebrated Halloween a day late due to weather