Thursday, February 27, 2014

So long dear Pongo....

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to a great friend and dog. Pongo came into our family in 2002 after he was rescued by my mom's friend. Pongo had been crated 24/7 by his previous owners, never letting him out to play and kicking the cage when he cried. My mom's friend ended up demanding they hand him over and they did (which just shows you how little they cared for him). Knowing that my mom is a big animal lover, she was asked if she wanted to take him in. Obviously she did and Pongo became our buddy. He became a bit of a travel buddy, going with my mom and I to New York and visiting Niagra Falls. On our cross-country RV trip to Oklahoma, he was a great security guard making sure no one messed with us while we camped in the RV. He also loved playing in the snow, sleeping in front of the fire place and tearing up paper. Unfortunately he recently became very ill and mom decided it was better to let him go then allow him to suffer. It's always hard saying good-bye to someone who has protected you and loved you unconditionally for so many years. So instead of good-bye, let's just say so long for now....

two women and a dog at Niagra Falls
 Me, my mom and Pongo at Niagra Falls: April 2002

In the snow


faux fur vest turtleneck shirt jeans and boots
Faux Fur Vest: Thrifted?; Turtleneck: Old Navy (old); Jeans: Old Navy; Boots: Von Maur (old)

Fuzzy describes a lot of things, the texture of my vest, the clarity of some of these pictures, my brain after working a 10 hour day....

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Free stuff and a clean closet

skinny jeans tennis shoes knit sweater jewelry coffee cup
Jeans: Charlotte Russe; Tank: Forever 21; Sweater: Old Navy; Shoes: Von Maur; Watch: Vince Camuto via Von Maur; Jewelry: Forever 21, Von Maur, Stella & Dot; Nail Polish: Zoya "Midori"

I'm not really a Starbucks person, but my mother-in-law got me a gift card for Christmas that I've been using. I signed up for the Starbucks rewards program (cause I figured I'd be going there anyways with the GC) and today I cashed in my free birthday drink reward. And earlier I got a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins for my birthday. Free stuff is awesome!

Also, I did a major overhaul of my closet yesterday. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I pulled everything out, made a huge donation pile and reorganized how everything hangs plus I managed to make room for all of my shoes so now they're all in one closet instead of two. Would you guys be interested in seeing a closet/organization tour? Our closets are sort of small so it might be interesting to see how I've managed to make a small space work. Just a thought.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the kind of blogger who....

image of a keyboard from a mac book laptop

There's been a prompt floating around called "I'm the type of girl who...." (started by Holly over at Hey, Hollywood) I thought I'd put my own spin on it with "I'm the kind of blogger who...."

-Will go weeks without posting anything, sometimes I'm busy, all lot of the time sometimes I'm not inspired.

-Won't subscribe to any of those "box" services (Ipsy, Birchbox, etc.) Probably because I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup/beauty routine, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

-Will take my outfit pictures in the mirror with my cellphone. I don't have time in the morning to set up my nice camera and tripod and figure out the best lighting. And when I get home, the work clothes come right off and the yoga pants go on.

-Doesn't get the love for Chipotle, Target, Panera, Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelor, The Walking Dead or any of the Real Housewives.

-Will pin an obnoxious number of DIY projects and recipes on Pintrest and never attempt a single one. I'm just a pin hoarder.

-Hates to cook, loves to eat, but is a picky eater. If a constant declaration of my love for bacon, cupcakes and french fries is good blog content, then I'm golden.

-Hates my "writing voice" but feels like if I wrote the way I talked that it would look/sound terrible.

-Would rather down a bottle of Angry Orchard than mix a drink or open a bottle of wine. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

This past weekend we went to my in-laws so my husband could go ice fishing....ICE FISHING! Personally I think he's crazy, but he had a blast. I don't fish, let alone ice fish. So I spent the weekend inside watching the Olympics. Where my in-laws live they've been getting pelted with snow since Christmas, the snow in their front lawn goes up to my knees and they got more while we where there.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Circles and Neutrals

cardigan skinny jeans coated denim boots polka dots
Cardigan: Joe Fresh; Shirt: Forever 21 (old); Necklace: Forever 21 (old); Jeans: Old Navy;
 Boots: Von Maur (old); Rings: mix of Forever 21 and Von Maur; Watch: Vince Camuto via Von Maur; Hat: Target (old)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dufftor Who?

So if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you've probably seen this guy pop up every now and then:

What you may not know is the story behind this cuddly, ball of fluff. So here's the 411 on The Dufftor.

The Dufftor is a Duffy teddy bear that I purchased several years ago at Walt Disney World. Most people know Duffy in this form:

The story of Duffy goes that right before Mickey Mouse was set to go on a voyage on the high seas, Minnie Mouse made him a teddy bear to keep him company and remind him of home while he was gone. Minnie snuck the bear into Mickey's duffle bag, where Mickey found him after embarking on his trip and named him "Duffy". 

The fun thing about Duffy is that he has different outfits, so he can be dressed up for different occasions/holidays/etc. Outfits can be purchased at the Disney parks, but Duffy also fits the clothing at Build-A-Bear as well. My Duffy started out with a couple of outfits from WDW, but then I expanded his wardrobe at BaB. With time he's evolved into The Dufftor, a play on the titular role on one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who.

Right now The Dufftor's outfit is based on David Tennant's Tenth Doctor:

Doctor Who

Eventually I'd like to get him outfits that represent each Doctor, but for now The Dufftor is enjoying traveling and meeting all sorts of interesting people. He's a great ice breaker (and a pillow if needed LOL!)

Eighth Doctor Fifth Doctor Sixth Doctor Doctor Who Chicago TARDIS

Doctor Who companions Grace Holloway Peri Brown Jamie McCrimmon Nyssa Lela

Fifth Doctor Doctor Who GenCon