Friday, March 20, 2015

Taking A Break

Calvin and Hobbes time out cartoon

So since the new year began I've found myself quite busy, a good problem to have in my case as I hate to be bored. However I've realized that I might have one to many irons in the proverbial fire at the moment. Between my real job, blogging, family, friends, the podcast, my YouTube channel, and being a Disney travel agent, I'm burning the candle at both ends. I've been in this situation before, back when I was working full-time while going to college full-time and at one point doing an internship with the Indiana Pacers; and while I managed to make it all work, there were a few times where it became too much.

Learning from my past mistakes, I'm not going to allow myself to hit a wall this time before slowing down. So after some careful evaluation, I've decided that for now, I'm not going to be doing any work as a Disney travel agent (or it'll be very minimal). I'm not giving it up permanently, it's just going to take a backseat to other things. I will still be available for questions/tips/suggestions if contacted, and I'll still be planning my own trips (and keeping up my training), I'm just not going to be taking on any clients for the time being. I've never really intended for my TA work to become a full-time job to begin with, I love planning trips, but it isn't my be-all career choice. But I have other projects and personal stuff that require my full attention right now.

Like I said, I will still be available for Disney related questions, and if you are looking to book a trip, I have great agents I can recommend who will give you the best customer service. Given time I think I'll be able to focus once again on planning trips for people, but for now, it's taking a time out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Capsule Wardrobes/Closet Cleanout: Finding My Style

What is my style? banner

So when I started the idea of really paring down my wardrobe, I was at first at a loss of where to start. I realized that while just getting rid of items in my closet would have made the overall size of wardrobe smaller (and therefore less likely to overwhelm me each morning), I also needed to come up with an overall identity when it came to my clothes.

Well the internet is my friend, so I hoped on Google and Pinterest and set to work at finding what I would define as my style. Now when you think of style, a lot of things come to mind (preppy, girly, hipster, glam, etc.), but I've found that for myself, that one label did not fit (which I imagine is the same for a lot of people). I had a TON of outfits/pieces pinned on various boards on Pinterest, but a lot of what I was pinning was stuff that I liked but I would never actually wear. So I ended up slimming down my Pinterest "closet" along with my actual closet to images of outfits/pieces I would actually wear. Then I made myself a list of my day-to-day figuring out what kind of wardrobe I would need.

-Work: Casual (as long as it isn't dirty, torn, or too revealing we can wear pretty much whatever we want) with a few "business casual" pieces on hand for conferences/big meetings. I have some days where I like to go more business casual, just because I can and want to.

-Weekend: Casual

-Event Specific: Weddings, bridal/baby showers, vacations, conventions, sporting events, concerts

I'm very lucky that even at work I can wear casual clothes, since that means I don't really need to separate my work clothes from my non-work clothes (when you're pressed for space this is a big plus!) This also means that I can eliminate some items from my wardrobe (or if I never had them I now know NOT to buy them!)

With this list, I turned back to my (now slimmer) Pinterest boards and made a new board with images that represented the types of outfits/items that I saw myself wearing.

A few examples...

Skinny jeans tee blazer and tennis shoesmustard pants grey top trench coat snakeskin shoes

Jennifer Aniston black skinny jeans black leather jacket brown riding bootsJessica Alba floral skirt cream top green army jacket

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Besides narrowing down the types of outfits I could see myself wearing, I also wanted to determine the color palette for my wardrobe. I narrowed it down to some neutrals with some of my favorite bright/accent colors.

my wardrobe color palette
palettes made on

I could probably wax poetic about my favorite colors, but I'll spare you for you *wink wink* I'll just say that while a lot of the capsule/minimalist wardrobes I've seen tend to skew to the nothing-but-neutrals territory (which is great if those are your colors), it's not for me. I like colors, so neutrals will be more of my base with the brights being the accent and personality of my outfits. With that said, there are also two other things that will be a staple in my wardrobe:

leopard printmetalics
      image                                                   image

Animal prints (especially leopard) and metallics are great neutrals that most people can pull off and I personally love wearing.

Obviously the inspiration photos and color palettes are starting points and aren't the be-all-to-end-all blueprints. With any sort of plan, you have to be adaptable and change as needed. But at the moment I have a vision and can roll with it. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


cardigan, joggers, galdiator sandals
Cardigan: Forever 21; Top: NY & Company (thrifted); Joggers: Gap (outlet); Shoes: Marshall's; Purse: Forever 21; Watch: Vince Camuto; Bracelet: Forever 21; Ring: House of Harlow (via Von Maur); Necklace: Kenneth Cole (via Von Maur)

This is the first time I've worn open toed shoes in I don't know how long (not counting our cruise). Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier! I foresee a few dips in temps for a few more weeks, but the overall trend is up-up-up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gym Uniform

workout leggings, top, and belt
Top: Thrifted; Sports Bra: Thrifted; Workout Leggings; Marshall's (super old); Hat: Jeff Gordon hauler (super old); Shoes: Old Navy; Workout Belt: TJ Maxx

I've found that one of the things that keeps me motivated to go to the gym is to have real workout clothes. I feel so much better in items that wick away sweat and stretch with me. And the best part is you don't have to spend a ton, places like TJ Maxx and your local thrift store are great to picking up name brand athletic wear at a fraction of the price. I got my workout belt at TJ Maxx too. I wanted something to hold my phone (which I use to listen to my workout playlist) and also hold my inhaler.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

16 Opposites*

ballroom dancing clip art

1) Would Try Once: Ballroom Dancing
No, Thanks: Skydiving

2) Too Much In My Life: Clutter
Not Enough Of: Time with friends

3) Fear Conquered: Traveling solo
Not Quite There Yet: The dentist

4) Risky When It Comes To: Getting proper sleep
Play It Safe When It Comes To: Driving in bad weather

5) Getting Better At: Exercising regularly
Getting Worse At: Being on time

Cones of Dunshire at Gryzzl gif

6) Skills Mastered: Video editing
Can't Quite Get The Hang Of: Strategy games

7) Glad It's Ahead Of Me: My 40's 
Glad It's Behind Me: Braces

8) Would Pay Good Money For: A case of Girl Scout cookies (Tagalongs please!)
Wouldn't Take Even If Free: A case of tomatoes

travel europe collage

9) Endlessly Curious About: Traveling Europe
Zero Interest: Becoming a parent

10) Always Up For: A trip to Disney World
Never Up For: Camping

11) I Feel For: Abused animals
No Sympathy: Animal abusers

12) Worth The Wait: Finding the right partner
No Patience For: Rude people

Clark Gregg my fandom needs me gif

13) Always Cool: Clark Gregg
Never Cool: Shia LeBouf

14) Subject I Won't Shut Up About Lately: Podcasts
Subject I Avoid: Politics

15) Moment Of Triumph: Finishing my first 5K
Epic Fail: All those job rejections

16) Perfect Day Begins With: The sun shining
And Ends With: A good-night kiss from my husband

*Unabashedly stolen from the March 2015 issue of Marie Claire