Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A comparison of forecasts....

The upcoming forecast for where I live....

The upcoming forecast for Walt Disney World....

Let me just say I am very happy to be leaving for WDW tomorrow, see ya'll when I get back!

Monday, November 28, 2011

What's new at WDW, part 2.....

I recently posted about some of the things that are new at WDW since our last visit, since then I've added to the list:

New Queue for the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The old front facade and queue for WtP was certainly dated

The new queue is more "organic" and includes interactive elements for the little ones

Magic Memories and You

MMY is a new light/projection show that takes place on Cinderella's Castle each night before the nightly fireworks. There's a giant flat screen that shows images of people while at WDW and detailed projections are placed onto the castle. And for the holiday season they've added projections at include making the castle look like a giant gingerbread house!

Lighted Canopy at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

Similar to what you'd see if you visit Fremont Street in Las Vegas, this new canopy is covered in lights and can dance like the rest of the Osborne Lights. They've also added a few new elements to honor Jennings Osborne who passed away earlier this year (but I'll leave you to find them!)

New Meet and Great Area for Mickey and Minnie

Since Toontown closed earlier this year (*tear*) Mickey, Minnie, the Fairies and the princesses have had to move. Since we aren't into the Fairies I'm not going to get into their new home (it's in Adventureland if you are looking for them!). Both Mickey, Minnie and the princesses have moved to a new location at the front of the Magic Kingdom called the "Town Square Theatre"

The princesses are in one part of the building while M&M are in another. Again we aren't into the princesses either so I can't comment on their new home, but you meet Magician Mickey and his lovely assistant Minnie backstage in his dressing room.

The most unique thing about the Town Square Theatre is that they now offer FastPass for both M&M and the princesses, something that's never been done before for character meet and greets.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday's Treasures: What I'm Thankful For

My Family

My wonderful husband who I wouldn't trade for anything

My parents

My family

My wonderful in-laws

The rest of my husband's family

The opportunity to get an education

The happiest place on earth




Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Disney Wedding (Part 9) Pictures around the Boardwalk

So after cake and mingling with our guests, we did more family pictures.

Then most of our guests went back to their respective hotels to change clothes and relax before meeting back up at EPCOT for our desert party. Only my mom and Tweeter stayed behind while Amy took us around the Boardwalk to take more pictures.

When Amy was done Chauncey and I both changed clothes and our moms took our wedding attire back to the condo with them. Then Chauncey and I were off to EPCOT for our ADR at Le Cellier!

New video: What to wear when flying

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New video: Outfit of the day, plaid and colored denim

What's new at WDW....

Last year we were fortunate enough to take three trips to WDW over the course of 6 months, now it's been a year since our last trip and there are a few new things for us to experience.

New Queue at the Haunted Mansion

The previous queue of the Haunted Mansion was pretty straight forward, you passed a hearse parked by the front gate with a bridle filled by a seemingly invisible (possibly ghostly) horse.

After passing the gate and going under the canopied walkway you can see the yard of the mansion to your right and a small cemetery filled with tombstones on your left.

Now the queue is longer and winds back and forth more. It now includes many more elements, many of them are interactive and guests are encouraged to touch and play and see what sort of reactions they can get.

Also at the end of the ride, our friends the Hitchhiking Ghosts have received a makeover and now are able to "play" along with the guests before they depart from their Doom Buggy (check out Youtube if you want to see the effect, I'm not going to spoil it here).

Star Tours 2.0 The Adventure Continues

The original Star Tours while a thrilling attraction with it's immersive experience with the moving seats and simulator screen, after a while it became boring because it was the same story line each time. That and the movement of the seats in the simulators was extremely jerky and could make even the strongest rider a little queasy. Now after a lengthy refurbishment, there are multiple story lines that allow riders to experience a different ride each time they board. It travels to more planets and locations in the Star Wars universe, plus it is now in 3D.

Phineas and Ferb Meet and Greet

Stars of the hit Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb are now available for meet and greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the backlot area near Muppet Vision 3D.