Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our next adventure!

The Disney Dream

This time next week the hubby and I will be on the Disney Dream. It'll be our first Disney cruise, my 2nd cruise ever and Chauncey's first cruise ever. As you can imagine, we are both very excited! I loved my last cruise and I know that Chauncey will love cruising. What makes this cruise more exciting is that there will be a very special guest on board:

Photo from WDW Radio

That would be legendary song writer Richard Sherman of the famous Sherman Brothers. Richard along with his brother Robert are responsible for some of the most loved music Disney fans know including the songs from "Mary Poppins", "The Jungle Book", The Tiki Room, It's A Small World and more. 

The reason that Richard Sherman is going to be on this particular cruise is because he's the special guest  of Lou Mongello, host of the WDW Radio Show and author of the Disney World Trivia Books. We didn't know Richard Sherman was going to be on this cruise when we booked it, we've been listening to Lou's podcast for years and when Lou announced this cruise we say "Let's go!" We've been wanting  to do a Disney cruise and figured this would be the best way to go on our first one as we knew that there would be fellow Disney fan and people who also listened to the podcast so we'd have lots in common. When Lou announced several months ago that Richard Sherman would be on the cruise, well you can imagine the excitement! 

Photo from WDW Radio

At this point we're not entirely sure what all will be happening on the cruise as Lou is known for his surprises and keeping things secret, but I can guarantee that I'll have tons to tell you all when I get back!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

A couple of weeks ago we lost a wonderful man, my husband's grandfather, Merlin (better known as Bopa). His health had been in decline for quite a while but it was still sad to let him go. It was nice to see so many friends and family members come and support each other and remember such a great man.

My in-law's dog, Piggy

Their other dog, Maggie

 Mickey, Uncle Bob's dog

 Mickey's brother, Zack

Bopa's favorite hat 

Shirt my mother-in-law had made for Bopa a couple of years ago

 Zack keeping watch over Bopa's favorite chair

 Mickey keeping it warm

Some of Bopa's wood projects (he was a master carpenter)

One of the neighbors brought over a ham and macaroni and cheese

My cousin-in-law's daughter Abby playing in the leaves

My other cousin-in-law Jenni and her niece Emma (Abby's sister)

Abby and Emma's mom, Beth

Jenni's husband, Matt

My hubby

Jenni working on photo collages to be shown at the funeral home

Aunt Noreen with her new iPad she got for her birthday

Uncle Bob and Boma


The in-law's cat, Kitty

My mother-in-law, Tweeter, showing Boma something on the computer

My father-in-law, Terry, made vegetable soup

Bopa's dune buggy he built on display outside the funeral home

Cool floral arrangement that Tweeter thought up

Dinner after the viewing

My brother-in-law and his wife

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Guests

Saturday afternoon the hubby and I went to the wedding of his old college roommate, Andy. Andy and Chauncey were sharing an apartment when Chauncey and I started dating. It was up in Muncie and the day was beautiful, but a tad chilly. We had a great time as the wedding and reception brought together a bunch of friends and family that have known each other for literally decades. We danced and talked and had a great time.

Blouse: ASOS 
(Faux) leather skirt: Old Navy (thrifted) 
Tights: unknown 
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

 I call these my Lady Gaga shoes

 Doesn't he clean up well?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Date Night With Tim Hawkins

Last night the hubby and I drove up to Ft. Wayne and saw comedian Tim Hawkins. We discovered Tim through Youtube and we were both excited to see him in person and he didn't disappoint. (You can see some of Tim's stuff on his Youtube channel here: Tim Hawkins Youtube)

Our typical road trip equipment, listening to podcasts on the iPod and using my phone as a GPS


 Loved seeing the color changes of the leaves

 Pattern on the skirt I wore

Tim had two other comedians with him who came out and did shorter sets in between Tim being on stage

 John telling the story of the Three Little old English