Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary at WDW: Part 6

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Today was one of my favorite days of the entire trip for two reasons, 1) We were spending most of the day at the Studios which is one of our favorite parks and 2) We were finally getting to see a good friend who is a cast member at DHS who we haven't got to see on our last couple of trips. We arrived at rope drop and I let Chauncey work the crowd and get Fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. Then we managed to ride Tower Of Terror two times before the RADP group showed up and we rode it again!

It was really foggy that morning, it made the ToT look super scary

After ToT most of the group went and rode Rock 'n Rollercoaster but we headed up Hollywood Blvd to wait for the Citizens of Hollywood to come out and start their day. The Citizens are our favorite part of DHS and have been lucky enough to become friends with several of the cast members outside of Disney. One of our friends was due to work that day and since we didn't get to see him at all last trip we wanted to make sure we saw him this time.

Officer Peabody

Dara Vamp

Chloe, Hollywood Gossip Columnist

Our good friend, Shelby Mayer

Officer Peabody has to be one of my favorites to photograph, he makes such funny faces

Betty Shambles

Ben Appetit, Caterer to the stars

Daley Reels, Hollywood Historian

Mimi Kaboom

Director, Vladimir Pooey

You better watch out, he knows how to use that banana

We spent the rest of the day going between attractions and seeing the Citizens, unfortunately one of their sets got rained out due to one of Florida's infamous pop-up showers

You'll see in the video at the bottom that after they did the bit with "I know something you don't know" and "Get into my caaaaaaar" that after the car drove off (without Shelby in it) they all came back (I think because Shelby didn't keep walking and go backstage like they probably were supposed to). The rest of them could have left but they all came back to talk to us and a few other guests near us which I believe they did of their own accord. Their set was done but they chose to stay and talk which I found really cool of them.

This was the set that got cut short due to the rain

Thankfully the rain let up and the Hollywood Glee Club was able to come out


Shelby is NOT amused!

Finally a picture with the three of us!

Of course a trip to DHS wouldn't be complete without a trip through "One Man's Dream"

After my graduate project I have way more respect for the Imagineers in charge of model building

We saw this too, not sure who put it on her head but it was funny to see

The last thing we did was see the new "Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow" attraction which is really cool

We then left the Studios and hopped over to the Magic Kingdom with the intention of seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade. We arrived just as Wishes started and managed to make it to Peco Bills back in Frontierland before Wishes ended and got dinner. Then we staked out a spot for the parade, unfortunately they cancelled it about 10-15 minutes before it was due to start because of the weather :-( We did ride Pirates while there but finally gave up because it was raining so hard. I was soaked and freezing and not enjoying trying to navigate the scooter in the rain.