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My Classic Doctor Who First Timer Episode List

So recently my husband has expressed interest in watching some episodes of classic Doctor Who. He's not as big a fan as I am, but he's enjoyed what Doctor Who he's seen and wants to see more. However he doesn't necessarily want to jump right in and watch all of the older episodes. So I compiled a list of what I think are good episodes that will give him a taste of each of the Doctors from 1-8. Are these necessarily the best episodes for each Doctor? Probably not, but a lot of Who is subjective. Everyone is going to have their favorite (plus there's the unfortunate fact that there are a bunch of episodes missing or partially missing from the First and Second Doctor's era.) Regardless, I like these episodes and if you watch them I hope you do to.

First Doctor
Doctor Who First Doctor
The TARDIS has brought the travellers to the planetSkaro where they meet two indigenous races - the Daleks, malicious mutant creatures encased in armoured travel machines, and the Thals, beautiful humanoids with pacifist principles.

Doctor Who First Doctor
The arrival of the TARDIS in 15th century Mexico leads the crew to the doomed Aztec people, a mixture of high culture and brutal savagery. Matters are further complicated when Barbara is mistaken for a god and the Doctor becomes engaged to be married.

Second Doctor
Doctor Who Second Doctor
The TARDIS lands in a space museum on Earth in the late 21st century, where the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe learn that contact has been lost between Earth and the Moon. In this era, instant travel -- T-Mat -- has revolutionised the Earth. Its people have lost interest in space travel. The Doctor and his companions travel to the Moon in an old-style rocket and reach the Moonbase, control centre for T-Mat, only to find a squad of Ice Warriors have commandeered the base and plan to use the T-Mat network to their advantage.

Doctor Who Second Doctor
To escape from the volcanic eruption on Dulkis, theSecond Doctor uses an emergency unit. It moves the TARDIS out of normal time and space. The travellers find themselves in an endless void where they are menaced by white robots.
Having regained the safety of the TARDIS, they believe they have escaped - until the ship explodes. They find themselves in a land of fiction, where they are hunted by life-size clockwork soldiers and encounter characters like Rapunzel and Swift's Lemuel Gulliver.
Third Doctor
Doctor Who Third Doctor
Exiled to Earth in the late 20th century and forbidden to continue travelling by his own people, the Time Lords, the newly regenerated Doctor arrives in Oxley Woods accompanied by a shower of mysterious meteorites. Investigating these unusual occurrences is the newly-formed United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT for short).
Led by Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, UNIT is soon called into action when people and meteorites start going missing.
Most puzzling of all is the attempted kidnapping of a strange hospital patient: a man with two hearts, who insists that he knows the Brigadier.
The new Doctor soon joins forces with his old friend, UNIT and the recently recruited Doctor Elizabeth Shaw, but time is running out. Irregular things are happening at a nearby plastics factory, while faceless creatures lurk in the woods. The Nestenes have arrived, and want to conquer the Earth...
Doctor Who Third Doctor
Time itself is in peril! The Time Lords find themselves besieged by a mysterious enemy, the legendary Time Lord, Omega. Omega has been inhabiting the anti-matter universe on the other side of the black hole from which the Time Lords draw their power.
They enlist the Doctor in his first three incarnations to battle this foe, who turns out to be a legend from the Time Lords' remote past.
But vital cosmic energy is draining into a black hole and the Time Lords are under siege. The Doctor is their only hope but, trapped in the TARDIS, he's powerless. The only way out is to break the First Law of Time to let the Doctor help himself - literally...
Fourth Doctor
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor
The TARDIS arrives on an apparently deserted and deactivated space station, Nerva, otherwise known as the Ark, orbiting Earth in the far future. There the Doctor, Sarah and Harry find the last survivors of the human race in suspended animation.

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor
A three-man rocket crew are nearly done with their mission to Titan Base until a course change puts the rocket in the path of a strange cloud in space. By the time they arrive, they have come under the control of a sentient virus which threatens the galaxy. When the TARDIS picks up an emergency message, it flies into the cloud, infecting the Doctor. To save himself and others, he must undertake a dangerous journey.

Fifth Doctor
Doctor Who Fifth Doctor
The Doctor's latest regeneration has proven more unstable than his previous ones. His two assistants, Tegan and Nyssa, help him recuperate on the tranquil planet of Castrovalva.
Adric has been captured by the Master, who is taking advantage of the Doctor's weakened state to ensnare him in an elaborate trap whose recursive nature threatens to destroy his mind.
As the Doctor begins to recover he realises that the Master's trap for Adric is even more intricate than he could have imagined and that he will stop at nothing to gain his revenge over the Doctor.
Doctor Who Fifth Doctor
The Doctor's past incarnations are being snatched out of time and space and transported to the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where they are reunited with some old friends and pitted against their deadliest enemies in the Game of Rassilon. Someone is manipulating the Doctor and his companions in order to claim the most ancient and powerful secret of the Time Lords... but can they survive the challenges and uncover the traitor before it is too late?

Sixth Doctor
Doctor Who Sixth Doctor
While trying to fix the TARDIS's chameleon circuit, the Sixth Doctor returns to Foreman's Yard onTotter's Lane in 1985, where he meets his old enemies the Cybermen. They have come from the future to change history by sending Halley's Comet crashing into EarthLytton, last seen working for the Daleks, is involved in the Cybermen's plot. Is Lytton working for the Cybermen, himself or someone else?

Doctor Who Sixth Doctor
In 19th century Englandthe Doctor finds himself facing two competing enemies: his old adversary,the Master, and the Rani, another Time Lord with a sinister plan. The local population is turning violent and unpredictable. With a major meeting of the brains of the Industrial Revolution due to happen in the village soon, the Doctor must work out what exactly is causing all the problems. Only the Doctor can stop the Master and the Rani's evil plans.

Seventh Doctor
Doctor Who Seventh Doctor
On Iceworldthe Doctor and Mel unexpectedly encounter an old friend – Sabalom Glitz. Joined byAce, a teenage waitress with a love for explosives, the group ventures off to find the fabled Dragonfire treasure. But as usual, dark forces close in on them - and Iceworld itself.

Doctor Who Seventh Doctor
The TARDIS materialises at a secret naval base off the coast of Northumberland during the Second World WarDr Judson, a scientist there, has created the Ultima Machine, an early computer designed to break German codes. The base's Commander Millington plans to let a Russian commando unit led by Captain Sorin steal the machine's core, which he has booby-trapped with deadly toxin.
Judson uses the machine to translate some ancient runes from the crypt of the nearby St. Jude's Churchand this leads to the release of Fenric, an evil entity from the dawn of time whom the Doctor trapped seventeen centuries earlier in a Chinese flask by defeating it at chess.
Eighth Doctor
Doctor Who Eighth Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is charged with transporting the remains of his fellow Time Lord, the Master, back to their home planet. But he is surprised to discover that his old enemy is not quite dead. The arrival of the Master not only costs the Doctor a life, but it spells near disaster for the Earth. Only the new Doctor can stop the Master and save the planet.

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August Insta-Tweet Review

I haven't been feeling too good the past couple of days but hate the idea of not posting. So for fun, let's recap the month of August via my Instagram and Twitter.




Top-Bottom/Left-Right: Finally finished my brother and sister-in-law's wedding video, chopped of my hair and got bangs, spent time with the family in the park, got my fill of fried foods, a Doctor Who reference at school, ended up in boy scout jail with four the husband's best friends, met Peter Davison at GenCon, fun at the Indiana State Fair

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A madman with a box....

I have a confession....well I guess if you've been following me for a while then it's not really a confession, more of an affirmation....

Image via Pintrest

A couple of years ago I kept seeing friends on Facebook post about this show called Doctor Who. I kind of knew what the show was, but I had never sat down and watched it. We have a Netflix subscription and I was looking for something new to watch so I figured I'd give it a try. I watched a couple of episodes, starting with the series reboot that started in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role as the Ninth Doctor. After a few episodes I was beginning to see what everyone was all excited about. Then real life got in the way and the Doctor took a backseat to my capstone and thesis. Once I emerged with my degree in hand, I turned back to the Doctor and picked up where I left off. From that moment on, I have been hooked. I watched all of the new series, then moved on the what is considered the "classic" series. I have my own sonic screwdriver, I've eaten an entire bag of jelly babies, my Duffy bear I bought at Walt Disney World is now known as The Dufftor, I have Doctor Who related shirts, I have a ton of Doctor Who related pins on Pintrest...I have embraced my inner Whovian.


So why am I telling you this? No reason really, I share so much with you guys, and I especially love sharing things that I'm excited and passionate about. If you haven't watched Doctor Who before and you like science fiction, I highly recommend you give it a try. If you are a fellow Whovian, please share with me! Do you have a favorite Doctor, episode, companion? When did you start watching?

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For more Doctor Who related fun I recommend:

Traveling The Vortex Podcast (tell Keith, Shaun and Glenn I sent you!)
Blogtor Who (Warning! Spoilers!)

And if you find yourself in Chicago around Thanksgiving, I'll be attending Chicago TARDIS! This will be my first time attending a Doctor Who related convention and I am SUPER excited. Not only will I get to hang out with my fellow Whovians, but their guest list this year can't be missed (I'm looking at you Colin Baker!)

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Road Trippin': Gen Con Indy 2013

Yesterday saw the kick-off of Gen Con here in Indianapolis, a four day convention all about gaming. Board, card, video....if it's considered a game it's probably covered. There's opportunities to play in tournaments, buy the latest games, pick up rare game pieces and cards, and hang out with fellow gamers. I personally don't consider myself a gamer, unless you count Farmville on Facebook. But I did have to reasons to go 1) the program I got my bachelors and masters degrees from the IU School of Informatics had a group of students and faculty who had spent the last 8 months building a game from scratch and were debuting it at Gen Con 2) Every year Gen Con has at least one special media guest to meet with fans. Last year they had Will Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory. This year they had Walter Koenig, Chekov from the Star Trek; and Peter Davison, best known at the 5th Doctor from my favorite show Doctor Who. With it being a Thursday and being there right at opening made it easy for me to see everything I wanted to see, plus the location of the Indianapolis Convention Center is perfect for me because I work down the street so I could park at work and walk.
Waiting for the doors to open

My top priority was seeing Peter, and thankfully the line wasn't very long. I took The Dufftor along so he could meet his namesake. Considering how many people go to these types of conventions and dress up, carrying a teddy bear fit right in :-)

Doctor Who The Doctor

I spent the rest of my time wandering around looking at the various booths and people watching. I saw lots of people dressed up, many of them characters from video games and shows I didn't recognize but were interesting nonetheless. I did see several Doctor Who related costumes:

The Fourth Doctor
Tom Baker Jelly Baby Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor
Allons-y Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Rose Tyler
Doctor Who Bad Wolf

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
The Brig Doctor Who

You can more of my pictures here

Despite not being a gamer, I still had fun. There's always plenty to see, plus the downtown location affords you to visit many of the other Indianapolis sites without needing a car. And now that I've met Peter Davison, I can say I've met The Doctor (well one of him....time travel is such a strange thing).

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Road trippin': Indiana State Fair

The change from summer to fall is bridged with an annual tradition, the Indiana State Fair. Sure you can find the usual, lots of animals, deep fried everything, rides that are guaranteed to make you lose whatever fried concoction you decided to ingest. But every year I always find something special that makes it worth coming back year after year.

legos model

decoupage crafts Vans

crochet yarn loops picture crafts

Despicable Me canned goods

canned goods

The Simpsons canned goods

Fried Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
deep fried food fair

Deep Fried Reese Cups
fair food

One of my favorite parts was a special exhibit all about the history of animation. A good part of the stuff on display was Disney related including a ton of stuff on loan from the Walt Disney Family Museum. If you know me, you know I was on cloud 9.

drawings cartoons

The Lion King

One of the ride vehicles from the WDW version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Walt Disney World WDW attraction vehicle

A model of Walt's home in California including a working train, the Carolwood Pacific

You can see more of my pictures here