Friday, November 10, 2017

2018 Convention Schedule

2018 Convention Schedule

Right now the 2018 convention schedule is looking much more calm than this year's was, and that's probably a good thing. I went to 7 of the 9 I listed this time last year (Time Lord Expo got cancelled and there wasn't a Midwest Toy Fest), and added two more that weren't originally on the list, and I might have one more before the year ends! 

So how did 2017 play out? I attended:

Right now I'm looking at 6 events from 2018, which isn't too bad. Of course things change, so this might as well.

And of course, if you are an con organizer and think I'd be a good fit for panels or other con related things, either as a cosplayer or as a podcaster, please message me: stylesandsmarts (at) gmail (dot) com or fiveishfangirls (at) gmail (dot) com 

Keep calm and comic con

Fandom Friday Tidbits

Let's see what's been happening in the fandom-verse this week!

The Upside Downs
James Corden once again brings it with his sketch about the the Motown singing group "The Upside Downs" with the boys from 'Stranger Things'. Apparently those pearls of Dustin also help him carry a tune.

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival
Walt Disney World has announced the dates for the 2018 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: February 28 - May 28, 2018. The upcoming festival will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary with fan favorites like:

-Disney character topiaries
-Outdoor kitchens serving creative dishes and drinks (hence the festival's nickname "Flower and Wine")
-Garden Rocks music series with classic rock 'n roll stars from the '60s through the '90s (I saw Chubby Checker one year!)
-And more

First look at the 13th Doctor's outfit

The BBC and Doctor Who have given us our first look at Jodie Whittaker in her full Doctor getup. Many are making references to Mork from 'Mork and Mindy' and Wesley from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. I think it looks fun! The Doctor always needs a fab coat, and I bet those shoes/boots are great for running to and from the next adventure. Now the TARDIS exterior on the other hand....a sign of dangerous things to come?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fandom Friday Tidbits

*Trying something new! Let me know what you think!

Let's see what's been happening in the fandom-verse this week!

Thor: Ragnarok 4D
James Corden takes his "Crosswalk Theater" sketch from the street to the cinema with what he's calling "the future of 4D entertainment". With the help of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Mark Ruffalo, and Tessa Thompson; a very lucky crowd got to experience Thor: Ragnarok in 4D! Warning, the performance does contain SPOILERS!

Doctor Who Dalek Operator Fired
Doctor Who Magazine has fired columnist Nicholas Pegg-who has, since 2005, also been one of the several actors who operate the Daleks in the TV series-after it was recently discovered that he his an offensive message in the magazine's 518th issue. Warning, contains NSFW language!

Walt Disney Hometown Museum Dreaming Tree Gala
On November 18, the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, will be hosting the inaugural Dreaming Tree Gala. The proceeds from this year's event will go towards "the return of Walt's dying gift to his boyhood home, Midget Autopia." The gala will be held at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, and if you cannot attend in person you can make a donation and purchase a ticket for a Disney cast member to attend.

BBC Inside Out - Bronies
The BBC recently did a segment on some of the My Little Pony fans in the UK. As a fellow Brony (yes, as a female I prefer the term Brony over Pegasister but that's my prerogative) I found this segment to be pretty positive towards the community (instead of painting them as perverts and uber-weirdos).

Nutmeg Kickstarter
My friend, Jackie Crofts, and her partner, have a Kickstarter going to raise funds for a hardcover edition of their comic 'Nutmeg' The book will contain the Fall arc-the first six issues-with 164 pages of content, including some bonus material. Plus some of the rewards are pretty awesome, who wouldn't want a Nutmeg themed oven mitt?

Nutmeg Hardcover Edition Fall

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Con Vlog: 2017 Indy Disney Meet/Indiana Toy and Comic Expo

(I totally forgot I was sitting on this footage!)
I attended two events in one weekend, that were on completely different sides of Indy! And this was the weekend AFTER GenCon. #Tired This was my first time attending the Indy Disney Meet and it was awesome! And ITCE is always a fun one-day show to attend down in Bloomington. I gave a full recap of both events on show #153 of the Five(ish) Fangirls