Monday, November 9, 2015

Our next Disney adventure!

Once again it's almost time for my husband and I's annual Disney-related vacation. Normally we go to Walt Disney World, although last year we went on a Disney cruise instead. This year we wanted to change things up a little, so instead of going to Florida......

Disneyland Diamond Celebration


Yes! We realized that while WDW is our "home resort", we really wanted to give Disneyland a try. And with the Diamond Celebration going on, it too exciting to pass up. This will be only my 2nd visit to Disneyland, the first time was when I was back in high school for a marching band trip. We went on Thanksgiving Day, and we weren't even there the whole day. And California Adventure didn't exist yet, so really this is pretty much a first visit for me. And it definitely is for Chauncey, he's never been, even though this will be his 4th trip to California this year. As you can imagine, we're super excited to see where it all began, all the amazing attractions and shows (and FOOD!) that isn't at WDW. I'll share more details as we get closer, but for now....the countdown is on! 

Disney's California Adventure

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fashion Feature: Winter Holiday Outfit Inspiration at Old Navy

Now that Halloween has passed, the focus now shifts to the big holiday season. This includes lots of food, time with family, and my personal favorite, shopping! And nothing gets me into the spirit with a new outfit or two (or twelve), and Old Navy always delivers fashionable clothing at affordable prices. Here are a few looks I put together with what's new on their racks for the upcoming season.

Old Navy Cowl-Neck Tunic Sweater Old Navy Pleated Mini-Skirt 

Old Navy Boyfriend Windowpane Flannel Shirt Old Navy Long Pixie PantsOld Navy Poncho Wrap

Old Navy Classic Plaid Flannel Pullover Old Navy Women's Boyfriend Straight-Fit Jeans Old Navy Frost Free Fleece-Lined Vest

Old Navy Women's Fair Isle Sweater Old Navy Women's Ponte-Knit Leggings Old Navy Racerback Raw-Edge Tank

I have been in no way compensated for this post, I just really love Old Navy that much :-)

Monday, November 2, 2015

A fall fashion PSA

As fall arrives and the temperature drops, most everyone's wardrobe makes a shift to warmer and cozier items to hold off the chill in the air. However, there is one terrible item that pops up year after year, that is worn incorrectly and I can no longer keep my mouth shut about it.....



I see it everywhere, at work, at the mall, at the grocery store...woman after woman wearing her leggings like they are a pair of pants. No, no, no, no, no! Ladies, treat your leggings like you would pantyhose, you wouldn't go around not covering your rear if you were wearing those would you? Of course not! Leggings out in public are only acceptable in these situations:

-Going to and from the gym (and they better be athletic leggings)
-Under a dress/tunic that comes to at LEAST mid-thigh

Now I know some will argue that leggings are sooooooo comfortable, and yes they are. BUT, allow me to offer a few alternatives.

Old Navy joggers Joggers, almost like sweatpants but can be dressed up or down

Old Navy trousers Trousers, softer than jeans and just as appropriate outside the office

Old Navy ponte-knit pants Ponte-knit pants, essentially really thick leggings that are cut like pants 

Forever 21 leather leggings Leather, if you must wear leggings, go with leather (faux or real)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Five Fandom Apocalypse

I stole this from my friend (and fellow Five-ish Fangirl co-host) Brittany

how to survive the zombie apocalypse

The prompt is: Five people from your fandoms that you'd want on your team during the apocalypse  (zombie or otherwise)

1: The brains/builder: The Doctor (any incarnation), Doctor Who
The Doctor

2: The badass: Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time
Emma Swan Once Upon A Time

3: The medic:Peter Petrelli, Heroes
Peter Petrelli Heroes

4: The provider: Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD
Phil Coulson in Lola

5: The cannon fodder/comic relief: Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pinkie Pie My Little Pony

Thursday, October 8, 2015

40 before 40 update #2!

We're 4 months away from my 32nd birthday, let's look at how I'm doing on my 40 before 40 list.

 1)      Become debt free
2)      Travel to England and France: Working on the plans
 3)      Participate in my first official RunDisney event DONE
 4)      Become a homeowner
 5)      Adopt at least one cat
 6)      Get more tattoos
 7)    Learn to drive a stick shift
 8)      Sail to Alaska: Planned for summer of 2018
 9)      Visit Disneyland and California Adventure: Booked for this December!

Disneyland Diamond Celebration

 10)   See a show on Broadway
 11)   Run the Walt Disney World half marathon
12)   Become DVC owners
 13)   Go kayaking/tubing DONE x3
 14)   Get SCUBA certified
 15)   Learn a foreign language
 16)   Take tap dancing lessons
 17)   Get professional massage DONE
 18)   Visit a (non-Disney) castle
 19)   Go horseback riding
 20)   Learn to play chess
 21)   Attend a TED/TED X Talk: There's one at IU next month I'm hoping to attend

TEDx Indiana University

 22)   See a Cirque de Soleil show
 23)   Ride a segway
 24)   Attend a music festival
25)   Run a (non-Disney) half marathon
 26)   Sail the Panama Canal
 27)   Go skiing
 28)   Renew my wedding vows
 29)   Launch a podcast DONE
 30)   Take a road trip around Michigan
 31)   Attend either San Diego or New York Comic Con
 32)   Sail on all the of Disney cruise ships at least once: Halfway there!
 33)   Meet Shaun, Keith and Glenn from Traveling the Vortex
 34)   Earn my first check from Google DONE
 35)   Gain full-time employment in my field
36)   Visit Disneyland Paris
 37)   Meet my fellow Five(ish) Fangirls
 38)   Attend Gallifrey One
 39)   Walk a red carpet
40)   Visit a working TV or movie set