Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Time to decompress with #BreakYouMake Day

It's pretty obvious that the world today runs at a very quick pace, people are running every which way, with lots of irons in the proverbial fire. Heck even I'm guilty of overstretching myself sometimes. Well the folks at Chobani want to give the world a break, by making June 3rd "Break You Make Day". They want everyone to take a load off and relax (hopefully with one of their yummy yogurt products!)

And while I'm very fortunate that I can often take time off to decompress, there's someone else I know that I would love to give a break and de-stress, my mom.

my brother, my mom, and I on Mother's Day
My brother, my mom and I on Mother's Day

The past few months have not been easy for her, with health and work related issues. If I could I'd send her off to a fancy spa for a week or two, where she can be pampered. But alas I can't, but maybe an afternoon lounging in her pool, with her dogs at her side and some Chobani yogurt (specifically anything with chocolate!) will be a happy plan b?

So pick up some Chobani products at your local supermarket, and join in on June 3rd with the #BreakYouMake

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

40 before 40 update!

My bucket list is more of less my Netflix queue SomeeCard

Now that it's been a few months, let's look at how I'm doing on my 40 before 40 list.

 1)      Become debt free
2)      Travel to England and France: Working on the plans
 3)      Participate in my first official RunDisney event DONE
 4)      Become a homeowner
 5)      Adopt at least one cat
 6)      Get more tattoos
 7)    Learn to drive a stick shift
 8)      Sail to Alaska: Planned for summer of 2018
 9)      Visit Disneyland and California Adventure
 10)   See a show on Broadway
 11)   Run the Walt Disney World half marathon
12)   Become DVC owners
 13)   Go kayaking
 14)   Get SCUBA certified

Scuba Mickey Mouse

 15)   Learn a foreign language
 16)   Take tap dancing lessons
 17)   Get professional massage DONE
 18)   Visit a (non-Disney) castle
 19)   Go horseback riding
 20)   Learn to play chess
 21)   Attend a TED/TED X Talk
 22)   See a Cirque de Soleil show
 23)   Ride a Segway

Weird Al on a Segway White and Nerdy video

 24)   Attend a music festival
25)   Run a (non-Disney) half marathon
 26)   Sail the Panama Canal
 27)   Go skiing
 28)   Renew my wedding vows
 29)   Launch a podcast DONE
 30)   Take a road trip around Michigan
 31)   Attend either San Diego or New York Comic Con
 32)   Sail on all the of Disney cruise ships at least once: Halfway there!
 33)   Meet Shaun, Keith and Glenn from Traveling theVortex
 34)   Earn my first check from Google DONE
 35)   Gain full-time employment in my field
36)   Visit Disneyland Paris
 37)   Meet my fellow Five(ish) Fangirls
 38)   Attend Gallifrey One
 39)   Walk a red carpet
40)   Visit an active TV or movie set

Friday, May 1, 2015

Random Thoughts....

blogging some ecard

-I don't like wearing flip flops, I hate the way they feel between my toes. They are strictly reserved for going to the pool and the beach.

-When it gets super warm, all I want to eat is ice cream.

-I am currently glued to Twitter awaiting news on the birth of the latest Royal Baby. #RoyalBabyWatch

-I want Stan Lee as my grandpa, or kooky uncle.

-Salad bars are the best thing ever.

-The music for Soarin' came on MouseWorld Radio the other day, I about cried because I miss Disney so much! (Way too many days till our next trip!)