Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On being 30....

So I've been 30 for a little over a week (which is hard to believe in itself, before I know it I'll be 31!) So far it's been...okay. I feel as if beginning a new decade of my life is an opportunity for change, kind of like New Year's Resolutions. I'm not going to into major detail right now as I feel like I need to devote individual posts and videos for certain topics but for now let me tell you this:

-I'm going to try and post more often than I have been. Due to my work I can't set a schedule, my days off and what time I work varies week to week. However I do want to post more content that I have been (right now I'm lucky to post something once a week).

-The content is going to be more varied and more personal. I love clothes and makeup and Disney, but I don't think that I can write enough about these topics often enough to make sure this blog stays alive. (Plus as far as Disney goes I have another blog that I need to post on as well). Plus I've always wanted this page to be about showing you guys who I am, not just what I'm wearing and where I'm going on vacation. I feel like that by being true to myself and being honest with my readers that hopefully in return you'll feel like you can be yourself with me. The internet is full of all sorts of fun, interesting and cool people and I really want to make this blog a place where we can share with one another. You never know when you may learn or discover something cool.

So that's all I have to say for now....I hope that you'll continue to come along with me on this crazy ride called life, it's gonna be one heck of a ride!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane.....

I'm headed to WDW next week and will have a full report when I return. I'll be posting both here and at Magical Voyages. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for "live" reports!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


watching: I'm finally caught up with Doctor Who (well close enough, I haven't seen the Christmas special). I also discovered that the workout room in our building gets BBC America so when the new season starts next month I'll be able to watch it!

listening: MouseWorld Radio I leave for Disney World next week and hearing all the park music really gets me in the mood!

reading: I purchased a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring at Goodwill about a month ago (it was 99 cents!) but I have yet to crack it open. Maybe that'll be my reading material on my flight next week.

eating: We're having some friends over to celebrate my birthday so I've had a couple of cupcakes (bacon maple and salted caramel) and some ice cream. Life's short, eat dessert first!

looking forward to: Disney World next week! We're eating at one of my favorite restaurants (Sci-Fi Dine In, they have fried pickles on the menu now YUM!) and hopefully seeing some friends who are local to the area.

thinking about: My seemingly never-ending job hunt. I have a whole other blog post planned to follow up on my previous one but let me tell you, it's not going well.

loving: My friends and family. I have received so many birthday wishes in the last week I am overwhelmed! I've tried to keep up with all the Facebook posts and text messages but in case I missed responding to you....THANK YOU!

Thanks to Illy of much love, illy for doing "currently" posts!

Video: My birthday weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Pictures: Valentine's Day Birthday Weekend


Valentine's Dinner at Cheeseburger In A Paradise: Fried pickles, my bling for the night (old souvenir from WDW), dessert nachos, mini burgers and sweet potato chips



The weekend: My birthday ears made by my mother-in-law, decorations at the in-law's house, one of my presents: a trip to Disney World!, eating and socializing at the casino buffet, CAKE, bacon at the buffet