Wednesday, June 21, 2017

American Pop and DANCE!: New Exhibits at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

American Pop at the Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis a local institution, someplace I've visited off and on since I was a little girl (I have home movies somewhere of my brother playing in the the old-old-old version of what is now ScienceWorks as a toddler). Sometimes I go on my own (or with my nieces or nephew when they visit) and these days, sometimes I'm fortunate enough to be invited to a media preview event and get a sneak peek at a new exhibit. Last week was the case of the later, as I got to go check out the new American Pop and DANCE! exhibits before they opened to the public over the weekend. 

According to the museum's press release:

"Popular culture influences almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Toys, books, performing arts, TV, music, and clothes are all ingredients that help create individual personalities. 

The world’s largest children’s museum is taking a peek into the past to see how it might influence our future when it opens The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture, featuring a permanent exhibit—American POP—and a temporary exhibit—DANCE!"

American Pop is divided into four categories: Toys and Games; TV, Film and Music; Fashion and Textiles; Comics, Art and Literature. Highlights in American Pop include a pair of Lady Gaga's shoes, the Beatles' autographs and a Han Solo with Tauntaun figure set (which apparently Tony from Geeking in Indiana owned)

a pair of Lady Gaga's shoes at the Children's MuseumHan Solo and Tauntaun figures at the Children's Museum

DANCE! is connected to American Pop and features some famous costumes and displays that demonstrate how to do some famous dances from various decades and allow you to dance along! Learn The Charleston, Hustle and the Macarena to name a few. 

DANCE! at the Children's Museum

Chauncey finally got to come along to one of these events, and it made it even more fun because we were encouraged to come in costume! The asked for costumes either showing off our favorite pop culture icons/characters or a costume from our favorite dance era. I wanted to do something unexpected as a "couple" cosplay and threw together Bulk & Skull from the Power Rangers for Chauncey and I. I'm not sure a lot of people got who we were, but we had fun anyways.

Bulk and Skull cosplay
Thanks to Tony from Geeking in Indiana for the pic!

American Pop and DANCE! are now open to the public and both are included in museum admission. American Pop is a permanent exhibit, but the contents will likely change over time to allow the museum to show other items that are currently in storage. DANCE! is a temporary exhibit, but I expect it will stick around for at least a good while before it changes to something else. But why wait and risk missing it? Go check it out NOW for yourself!

Disclaimer: Styles and Smarts is part of a group of bloggers/YouTubers/media peoples that The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis invites to exhibit openings, in exchange for live tweeting and social media coverage. All opinions and comments are 100% mine, and are in no way influenced by the Children’s Museum.

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