Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekend trip to Chicago!

I went to Chicago over the weekend with my husband, his parents, his brother and his fiance. I've only been to Chicago a couple of times so I was excited to spend the weekend there and see some of the sights (and go shopping!) 

We took the train from South Bend to Chicago, it was super easy and fun! We got off near Millenium Park so we visited "The Bean" and then walked around till it was time for us to check into our hotel.

Taylor (my brother-in-law) and his fiance Morgan

Terry (my father-in-law), Chuancey and I

We saw these ladies filming part of a music video in front of the Bean, it was cold out so they had to be freezing in those outifts

Solar powered trash compactors!

"Big Belly!"

Inside Macy's in the Walnut Room restaurant, they have a HUGE Christmas tree that went up like 5-6 stories

We had lunch at Ed Debevics which is an experience, don't let the retro diner fool you!

Tweeter (my mother-in-law) and I ended up cutting apart from the group to go shopping! First stop, a two-story Forever 21!

Next stop, Watertower Plaza to see the Lego Store

Dinner at Webber Grill

Our hotel, the beds were soooooo comfortable!

The next day included more shopping and visiting Navy Pier

They even had horse-drawn carriage rides along the pier

Bronze statue of Bob Newhart

Bye Chicago!


  1. Cool! It looks like you had a REALLY great trip. When I saw one of your earlier pictures and saw the Forever 21 behind you I was like, "I wonder if she went in?" and then I scrolled down and saw your bag and was like, "OF COURSE she did!" lol The restaurants looked really good too. That Marilyn statue is a trip! lol

  2. It was really fun, cold but bearable (and thankfully dry, no snow!) How could I pass up a two-story Forever 21? LOL! I still don't get the reasoning behind the Marilyn statue but it was funny to watch people come and take pictures with it looking up her skirt, I asked my MIL "I wonder what size knickers those are?" LOL!

  3. LOL Rachel. I remember hearing that her real ones were see-through so I hope the ones on the statue are a little more modest. ;)

  4. Oh yes the statue had all the important parts covered :-)