Thursday, April 12, 2012

So long Melvin!

As you know by now my husband and I are HUGE Disney fans and one of our favorite things about visiting Walt Disney World is seeing the Citizens of Hollywood at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately today one of our favorite Citizens, Melvin Macheezmo had his last day (the cast member is moving on to the real Hollywood to pursue an acting career).

We've been fortunate to see and interact with Melvin on several occasions so I thought I would take some time to post some of my favorite pictures and videos of Melvin Macheezmo:

Putting the moves on Paige Turner

Look at those legs!

Melvin and Miss Daisy Day


  1. They're putting a Citizens show at DCA this Summer so I'll finally know what I've been missing.

  2. Oh fun! I hope they are of the same quality as the one's here in WDW, if so you are in for a TREAT!

  3. Replies
    1. The Citizens of Hollywood are always fun to photograph, whenever we go to Disney World I end up with literally hundreds of photographs of just the CoH.

      Thanks for stopping by!