Wednesday, June 6, 2012


reading // The Dark Side Of Disney  by Leonard Kinsey. This is an extremely funny book, especially if you're a Disney fanatic like I am. Some of the stories he tells (many of which aren't his but from "friends") are so outlandish they almost don't seem real but they probably are.

watching // I'm currently at my mom's watching her dogs for her so I actually have satellite TV to watch. Mostly I've been watching the Cooking channel and Food Network. I hardly cook yet somehow I think I might absorbe something via the TV and become an amazing chef.

anticipating  // Awaiting several emails to get returned. I know people are busy but is it too much to ask that you respond to my email with a "Hey I got your message and will get back to you ASAP" instead of me sitting here wondering if you ever got it in the first place?

laughing about // My mom's dogs, they're crazy!

listening to // The birds chirping outside. I've got the patio door open so the dogs and go in and out as they please. The weather has been gorgeous so I'm taking full advantage of it.

eating // Strawberry Pop-Tarts. I'm probably ruining my appetite for dinner but right now I don't care.

working on // A video for my channel. Unfortunately the internet here is really slow, so it probably won't go up till I'm back home and have a faster connection.

wishing // That my vacation was closer than 5 months away, although I need that time to save up the money to pay for it so I guess it's not that bad.

found this fun post idea via Much Love, Illy. if you write up your own "currently" post, i'd love to see it so be sure to leave it the comments so that i can check it out, too! 


  1. reading: your blog
    watching: "So you thin you can dance"
    anticipating: the weekend
    laughing about: nothing @ the moment
    listening to: judges comments on show mentioned above
    eating: nothing now, but I might grab a slice of left over wedding cake in a minute
    working on: a recap of my friend's wedding
    wishing: we were on vacation