Friday, November 1, 2013

31 Days of Wholloween Photo Challenge Recap!

First, thank you to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's choices for each day. For fun I decided that I would post my pictures on here for those you didn't get to follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

The List

Day 01: Favorite Doctor: The Sixth Doctor

Day 02: Guilty Pleasure Story: The Two Doctors

Day 03: Favorite Couple: Amy and Rory Pond

Day 04: Funniest Episode: Let's Kill Hitler

Day 05: Everyday Object That Reminds You Of WHO: A crack in the wall

Day 06: Favorite Companion: K-9

Day 07: Worst Alien/Monster: Sil

Day 08: Favorite Friendship: Ten and Donna

Day 09: Favorite Special: The Snowmen

Day 10: Favorite Villain: The Rani

Day 11: Favorite Actor and/or Actress: Catherine Tate

Day 12: Your First Doctor: 9

Day 13: Your Least Favorite Companion: Susan

Day 14: Favorite Alien/Monster: Sontarans

Day 15: Best Console Room: 11's current console

Day 16: Favorite Celebrity Guest Star: A tie between Bill Nighy (Vincent and the Doctor) and John Cleese (City of Death)


Day 17: Saddest Episode: Doomsday

Day 18: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates: A tie between Mel and the Sixth Doctor


Day 19: Favorite Catchphrase and/or Quote: Spoilers!

Day 20: Least Favorite Actor and/or Actress: Abisola Agbaje (Chloe in Fear Her)

Day 21:  A WHO Related Photo You Took: The Dufftor checks out a crack in the wall

Day 22: Favorite Episode (New Series): The Name of the Doctor

Day 23: Least Favorite Doctor: The Doctor in Scream of the Shalka

Day 24: First WHO Product Owned: My DW calendar/planner

Day 25: Character Who Is Most Like You: Clara Oswin Oswald

Day 26: Favorite Costume/Outfit: Clara's outfits in The Snowmen


Day 27: Favorite Doctor Accessory (Scarf, Bow tie, Fez, etc): The Doctor's many coats

Day 28: Most Annoying Character: Peri Brown

Day 29: Favorite Episode (Classic Series): The Mark of the Rani

Day 30: Favorite Collectable: Autographs

Day 31: Episode That Scared You The Most: Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

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  1. Yay! Thanks for posting this. I loved seeing your answers.