Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Eatin': The Brown Bear, Pentwater, MI

Nestled in between quaint shops along the main strip in Pentwater, Michigan is The Brown Bear. A sports bar with a friendly atmosphere, the Brown Bear's menu contains many of your usual pub fare including burgers, ribs, nachos and wings; but they also offer things like soup, fish, salads and plenty of different beers both on tap and in bottles (many of them Michigan made). And if you are super hungry, you can tackle the Bear Burger, a mammoth of a sandwich that looks it could belong on an episode of Man vs. Food. The night we went there was Sunday football going on and we were able to watch several games due to the multiple TVs above the bar. My husband and I split an order of fried pickles, and a sampler platter with buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and onion rings. My husband's aunt had fried chicken, and her husband had the Bear Burger. Everyone enjoyed their food and their drinks, and we all walked away full but not stuffed. We don't get up to Pentwater very often, but when we do we may have to make a stop at the Brown Bear a regular visit.

The Brown Bear Pentwater Michigan
Bob with the Bear Burger

The Brown Bear Pentwater Michigan
He ate the whole thing!


  1. WOW! That's a big burger! Did he win a prize or something? I ask because I know some restaurants have these incredibly big meals and whoever eats them gets something out of it. Like at Claim Jumpers there's a thick 7 layer chocolate cake slice and I think if you can eat the whole thing your table gets half off the bill or eats for free.

    1. Nope, no prize except a full tummy LOL! We do have a couple of restaurants down here that sell a big burger and if you can eat it all you get a prize, but their burgers are WAY bigger than this one at the Brown Bear.

    2. Full tummy's are good too. ;) Could you finish that Bear burger?

    3. Oh no! Maybe if Chauncey and I shared, but he'd probably end up with 75% of it.