Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday's Treasures: Sephora Wish List!

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  1. I've had a Clarisonic for almost 4 years now and I really do think it's improved the texture of my skin. The old scars are definitely less noticeable and I like the feeling that I really took all the dirt and makeup off my face. I was also looking at that Naked 2 palette. I used to use oil on my face, but I don't think it helped. It made my hair smell nice and look shiny though so if the Argan doesn't work for your face, definitely use it on the ends of your hair. :)

    1. I use the Argan oil for both my face and hair, I get really dry skin this time of year and regular moisturizers don't seem to do enough. I have the regular and am curious to feel the difference between it and the light version I posted here. I'd love to try a Clarisonic, I'm terrible about taking care of my skin as far as exfoliating and really cleaning it beyond using a washcloth. I have the Naked Basics palette and LOVE it. Urban Decay doesn't disappoint as far as eyeshadow quality.

    2. I was trying to follow the "Oil Fights Oil" theory because my skin is oily, but found that the use of oils didn't help decrease the oiliness. Plus it took a while for the oils to sink in so then I read about using hydrosols to spritz on after to help them sink in, but it just added to my routine too much and I hated waiting so long in between washing my face and applying makeup so I gave up and simplified my routine. lol Anyways, I think the Clarisonic is a worthwhile investment. I used to have deeper pock marks and they're far less dramatic now. I can nearly fake smooth skin under makeup! :) I had heard great things about UD for years but didn't take the plunge until last year with the All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I LOVE THAT stuff! Ever since, I've been eyeing their products and just on the testers you can see the eyeshadow is great so I hope to add them to my collection. I gifted the older Vice palette to a relative and I tried it once and then was like, "darn, why did I give this away? I should've kept it!" lol ;)

    3. Yeah if you don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning I can understand that. I haven't had oily skin in a loooooong time, I did way back when I first hit puberty which didn't help with breakouts. Now I'm at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum with super dry skin. The joys of getting older I guess LOL!

    4. lol It's always SOMETHING! I envy those with "normal skin" who can get away with basic drug store stuff for skincare like petroleum jelly as a moisturizer and be okay!