Friday, July 11, 2014

Everyday I'm shuffling....

Keep calm and moving on

So you may or may not have noticed a few changes on the blog recently. Up at the top of the blog, below the header, you may see a link for Magical Voyages: Living the Disney Life. I had started another blog for all things Disney and my Disney travel agent stuff, but I've found that managing that blog on top of this one, along with all the other irons I have in the fire (like my YouTube channel, Facebook, plus everything involved with the podcast) was just too much. I have friends who blog and operate multiple blogs, and I'm super proud that they can accomplish that. More power to them! But it's just not feasible for me.

So I'm working on moving as much from Magical Voyages as I can over to here, and now Magical Voyages is no longer available for viewing. Don't worry, I'm still going to post Disney stuff, and will still be happy to help folks plan their Disney vacations, it's just now all going to be under the umbrella of Styles and Smarts.

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  1. Glad you'll still be around regardless. I'm all for keeping everything in one place and making life less complicated. :) Upward and onward!