Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Time to decompress with #BreakYouMake Day

It's pretty obvious that the world today runs at a very quick pace, people are running every which way, with lots of irons in the proverbial fire. Heck even I'm guilty of overstretching myself sometimes. Well the folks at Chobani want to give the world a break, by making June 3rd "Break You Make Day". They want everyone to take a load off and relax (hopefully with one of their yummy yogurt products!)

And while I'm very fortunate that I can often take time off to decompress, there's someone else I know that I would love to give a break and de-stress, my mom.

my brother, my mom, and I on Mother's Day
My brother, my mom and I on Mother's Day

The past few months have not been easy for her, with health and work related issues. If I could I'd send her off to a fancy spa for a week or two, where she can be pampered. But alas I can't, but maybe an afternoon lounging in her pool, with her dogs at her side and some Chobani yogurt (specifically anything with chocolate!) will be a happy plan b?

So pick up some Chobani products at your local supermarket, and join in on June 3rd with the #BreakYouMake

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  1. That is a great pic of your Mom and Brother. I'm glad you were able to celebrate her on her day and I hope you can all take a break on June 3rd. *hugs*