Friday, May 1, 2015

Random Thoughts....

blogging some ecard

-I don't like wearing flip flops, I hate the way they feel between my toes. They are strictly reserved for going to the pool and the beach.

-When it gets super warm, all I want to eat is ice cream.

-I am currently glued to Twitter awaiting news on the birth of the latest Royal Baby. #RoyalBabyWatch

-I want Stan Lee as my grandpa, or kooky uncle.

-Salad bars are the best thing ever.

-The music for Soarin' came on MouseWorld Radio the other day, I about cried because I miss Disney so much! (Way too many days till our next trip!)


  1. I'm with you on the first two, except that I don't wear flip flops at all because I never hit the pool or the beach. lol Also, ice cream is my best friend nowadays. I've had a cold all week and I still ate it because I figured what the hell, I'm already sick and it's hot up in here! lol

    1. LOL! I like your reasoning, when you're sick, you should be able to eat what you want and not feel guilty.