Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Treasures

Since I'm on summer vacation my blog will probably be lacking in the "smarts" posts since I am taking a well deserved break from the stress that has been school. But trust me when the fall comes I will hopefully have a LOT to post in the school-related area. But until then you'll have to humour me while I geek out in the "styles" department.

So without further ado I thought I'd try and new type of blog post that I call "Thursday's Treasures". I am notorious for scouring the Internet for hours on end looking a clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup products dreaming over what I want versus what I can afford. So each Thursday I'll post some of my favorite online finds as my own treasure trove of goodies. Be warned, these will usually be a miss-mosh of items as I am not one to follow trends and/or seasons very closely but more often than not if I find something I like I'll take note of it (I mean who says you can't drool over uber-cute wool coats in June or strappy sandals in December right?)

Betsy Johnson Belle of the Barre Dress

I love the funky yet feminine vibe to this dress. The sweetheart neckline is extremely flattering the rusching in the bodice combined with the black in the middle should conceal any problem areas one might have in the middle. The best part is depending on the accessories this dress can easily go from day to evening with a change of shoes and adding some bling. But I CANNOT find this dress anywhere! However I shouldn't be surprised considering it was the dress used for all the girls on Glee for this year's sectionals episode which aired last winter.

Picture courtesy of Melvel's Closet

Mod Cloth still has the dress listed on their website but it's labeled as no longer available :-( I've checked Ebay with no luck and with Google a couple of websites have popped up but I have no idea how reputable they are (I'm familiar enough with Mod Cloth to trust ordering from them).

Betsy Johnson has this dress listed with their current collection and it does have a similar feel, however the hot pink/black combo is the only color it comes in and hot pink really isn't my color.

Alexander McQueen Faithful Cutout Ankle Boot

I've never really paid much attention to Alexander McQueen's work (may he RIP) but since the MET Gala which honored his work as a fashion designer he's been popping up in various fashion blogs. I was browsing shoes on Saks Fifth and came across these bad boys. I love booties and own a couple of pairs myself (sadly no McQueens mine are all courtesy of Charlotte Russe) and these just scream edgy-fashionista. The combination of snaps, cutout and skull tag zipper add just the right amount of rocker-chic while the 4 1/2" inch heel and 1" platform ask these babies to be worn by a girl who loves her heels.

Manolo Blahnik Patent Leather Mary Janes

Carrie Bradshaw was wrong when she exclaimed that she thought these shoes were "an urban shoe myth", they really do exist and they are as adorable as the day is long!


A black pump is a must have for any woman's wardrobe and the Manolo Mary Jane oozes with class and sophistication that will never go out of style. I love Manolo Blahnik and even came this close to buying a pair in Las Vegas a couple of years ago (luckily I didn't as I ended up using that money to purchase my wedding gown a couple of months later) but to this day I think about those shoes that got away. Maybe one day.....

Cambridge Leather Satchel

I'm loving the structured look of this bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Their classic satchel comes in four sizes (11", 13", 14" and 15") and various colors ranging from vintage chestnut brown of the one above to pink! Personally I'm loving the chestnut brown, the green and the yellow all in the 15" size. From what I've read you don't gain much more room between the 14" and the 15" but since I am notorious for carrying around everything but the kitchen sink I need all the room I can get. Plus at £84 (approx. $139 at today's rate) they're in the same price range as a Coach or Dooney & Bourke bag which makes them affordable for a lot of people. 


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    Yes they are, I'm going to be drooling over those for a while. Thanks for the comment!