Friday, February 3, 2012

Super City!

So unless you're living under a rock, pretty much everyone knows that the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and is taking place in my hometown of Indianapolis. It's taken over a good chunk of the city with the NFL Experience at the convention center and the Super Bowl village along Georgia Street. Since I go to school downtown I parked on campus and walked over to where many of the festivities are taking place.

 They had a 4-lane zip line that ran the length of the convention center

 The weather has been wonderful!

 We weren't planning on going into the NFL Experience because the tickets were so expensive ($25 a person for adults!) but on our way over there these people stopped us and offered us two tickets for $20! So thanks random people!

 They had people on site making NFL regulation footballs, they're all made by hand

 THE Lombardi Trophy

 The roman numerals lit up and showed pictures and video with sound


  1. Very cool! I actually thought about you guys because I knew the big event was in your home state. I was watching "Access Hollywood Live" and kept looking into the crowd to see if I'd spot you. I didn't, but it's still cool to know you were there and got to experience it all since I know you two are big football fans.

  2. We tried to avoid any of the big events like when Access Hollywood and Good Morning America were filming, even on the days we went the crowds were still pretty heavy (although by Friday night they were literally closing off part of the city to cars due to the number of people!) It was very cool to have the Super Bowl in Indy, I'm hoping we'll get to host it again!