Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Treasures: Fall Boots

riding boot brown tan suede leather straps chunky healknee-high boot brown faux leather

wedge bootie nautical ankle bootie gray grey suede

ankle bootie maroon wine animal print leopardwedge bootie black

maroon wine fringebootie wedge gray

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  1. I have yet to fully embrace boots. I only own two pairs and I get to wear them maybe once a year if I'm lucky. I envy people that get to experience a real Fall and can rock them.

    1. Yeah if you live in a warmer climate area than I could see embracing boots being a problem. I'm usually a warm weather person myself, but it's been so obnoxiously hot here that I'm ready for the cooler weather. I'll miss wearing my sandals and cute summer shoes for sure, but my boots and chunky knits look so sad sitting in my closet.