Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dufftor Who?

So if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you've probably seen this guy pop up every now and then:

What you may not know is the story behind this cuddly, ball of fluff. So here's the 411 on The Dufftor.

The Dufftor is a Duffy teddy bear that I purchased several years ago at Walt Disney World. Most people know Duffy in this form:

The story of Duffy goes that right before Mickey Mouse was set to go on a voyage on the high seas, Minnie Mouse made him a teddy bear to keep him company and remind him of home while he was gone. Minnie snuck the bear into Mickey's duffle bag, where Mickey found him after embarking on his trip and named him "Duffy". 

The fun thing about Duffy is that he has different outfits, so he can be dressed up for different occasions/holidays/etc. Outfits can be purchased at the Disney parks, but Duffy also fits the clothing at Build-A-Bear as well. My Duffy started out with a couple of outfits from WDW, but then I expanded his wardrobe at BaB. With time he's evolved into The Dufftor, a play on the titular role on one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who.

Right now The Dufftor's outfit is based on David Tennant's Tenth Doctor:

Doctor Who

Eventually I'd like to get him outfits that represent each Doctor, but for now The Dufftor is enjoying traveling and meeting all sorts of interesting people. He's a great ice breaker (and a pillow if needed LOL!)

Eighth Doctor Fifth Doctor Sixth Doctor Doctor Who Chicago TARDIS

Doctor Who companions Grace Holloway Peri Brown Jamie McCrimmon Nyssa Lela

Fifth Doctor Doctor Who GenCon


  1. We need to get the Dufftor a Sixth Doctor coat! I think he'd rock it :)

  2. I heart the Dufftor!! :) I also saw a new pinstriped suit at BaB and thought of him. I know you have the 10th covered, but you can never have too many suits! :D

    1. I know! He's got a huge wardrobe but he tends to wear the same thing over and over....sound familiar ;-)