Thursday, February 27, 2014

So long dear Pongo....

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to a great friend and dog. Pongo came into our family in 2002 after he was rescued by my mom's friend. Pongo had been crated 24/7 by his previous owners, never letting him out to play and kicking the cage when he cried. My mom's friend ended up demanding they hand him over and they did (which just shows you how little they cared for him). Knowing that my mom is a big animal lover, she was asked if she wanted to take him in. Obviously she did and Pongo became our buddy. He became a bit of a travel buddy, going with my mom and I to New York and visiting Niagra Falls. On our cross-country RV trip to Oklahoma, he was a great security guard making sure no one messed with us while we camped in the RV. He also loved playing in the snow, sleeping in front of the fire place and tearing up paper. Unfortunately he recently became very ill and mom decided it was better to let him go then allow him to suffer. It's always hard saying good-bye to someone who has protected you and loved you unconditionally for so many years. So instead of good-bye, let's just say so long for now....

two women and a dog at Niagra Falls
 Me, my mom and Pongo at Niagra Falls: April 2002

In the snow


  1. What a sweetie! If I remember correctly, your Mom had a Perdy too, so it is my hope that Pongo found her and that they're hanging out just waiting to see all of you again one day. <3 Hugs to you and your family! <3 <3

    1. Yeah we had a Perdy as well, she passed before Chauncey and I got married so this is our first loss in several years. Pongo could be intimidating, rushing to the door with a bark if someone knocked, but he was really a big old softy. I'm sure Pongo and Perdy are together again along with our other passed pets and we'll see them again. Thanks.