Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Going Green Expo at the Indiana State Museum

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the Indiana State Museum to participate in the Going Green Festival. We arrived before the festival's schedule start time, so we wandered the museum for a while (stay tuned for pics and a vlog!) We eventually made our way back to the main atrium where the vendors were set up.

View from above on the third floor walkway
Going Green Festival at the Indiana State Museum

Going Green Festival at the Indiana State Museum

Going Green Festival at the Indiana State Museum

Even with it being a Saturday and a nice day weather wise, the museum was pretty empty of people. I think that crowds were probably affected due to Indianapolis hosting the Big 10 men's basketball tournament and the first Indiana Comic Con on the same weekend. 

Electric vehicle at the Going Green Festival at the Indiana State Museum
Electric vehicle used to travel around the White River Park grounds

vendor booth at the Going Green Festival at the Indiana State Museum

We talked to a few of the vendors, my mom was especially interested in a company that offers natural and organic grocery delivery to your home. I enjoyed picking up some information from the DNR about the various state parks and recreational activities that are offered, something my husband and I will certainly take advantage of this summer.

One of my mom and I's favorite parts of the festival was talking to the ladies from Animalia, a non-profit organization that does educational outreach programs at schools, libraries, and scout meetings among others. They had a booth showing some of the items they take with them to show kids things like how animal species are threatened by habitat destruction and poaching, and also how animals do things like shed skin or change colors when threatened by a predator.

Animalia booth

preserved sea turtle body at the Animalia booth
They said that sea turtle body has been preserved for 35 years!

But our favorite part was the animal friends that they brought with them!

Urchin the bearded dragon
Meet Urchin, a bearded dragon

Urchin the bearded dragon
Urchin was being shy...

Beluga the albino ferret
And this is Beluga, an albino ferret

Beluga the albino ferret
Beluga was far from shy, he wanted to get down and play!

Unfortunately due to time constraints we weren't able to attend any of the talks or demonstrations by Jim Poyser, but I certainly hope that if he attends again in the future that I'll be able to attend one of his lectures. Overall I thought that the festival was a cute addition to the normal museum offerings, although I'm not sure I would go out of my way to just attend the festival as it seemed a bit underwhelming. As this was the first year I've ever heard about the festival (this was it's sixth year I believe) I cannot compare it to previous years as far as scale. I also think it may have been hindered with the low crowds because of the other events taking place nearby that I mentioned earlier. Overall it was an enjoyable morning and afternoon spent with my mom and it was nice to get out of the house and take in the sunshine that we've been missing here in the mid-west.

*Disclaimer: I was compensated by the ISM with complimentary admission and discounted parking to the museum for myself and my guest. All opinions are my own.


  1. That does look like a pretty sad turn out. Still glad you had a fun day with your Mom.

    1. Yeah I really think those other events took away potential guests. But what are you gonna do? When you're in a town like Indianapolis that promotes itself on conventions and sporting events, it's gonna draw crowds there to those instead of the more permanent tourist attractions.