Saturday, March 1, 2014

New video: Closet Tour and Organization


  1. That was cool! I didn't know about those hoop things but that's a much smarter way of organizing belts and ties than my method (all on a hanger lol). It looks all pretty now that it's color coordinated too. I'm interested in the shoe tour if you've revamped it. I think that rainbow sweater that belonged to your Dad is cute. You could definitely wear it with leggings and boots. It's a timeless print. Also thought it was cute that you showed off the Dufftor's outfits. An idea about your wedding dress: One of my friends re-wears hers every anniversary and takes pictures. Mine is hanging in my closet too but it's always too hot in August to wear it again (plus it no longer zips up all the way *sob*) so I just end up re-wearing everything else from that day on our anniversary. I wouldn't part with your dress either. It was super pretty and one of a kind. To this day I haven't seen it on anyone else ever! Hopefully you'll get over to DL to add another Mickey Hat to your collection. :)

    1. Yeah I'm not sure my wedding dress would zip up these days (I'm pretty sure it wouldn'!) I guess it'll keep hanging until I come up with something else.

      They make so many great tools to organize your closet these days, but you still have to know how to utilize them best. Hopefully I've helped someone with my tips (which it sounds like I might have done with you and your belts!)