Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The road to recovery, gallbladder eviction recovery update!

the road to recovery


  1. Rachel gone wild! you flashed the camera. ;) The scars and stuff weren't as gruesome as I imagined. I hope you continue to heal and not feel as tired.

    1. I know, I've gone wild! LOL! There even better looking now than when I filmed this. They scabs are all gone, and now it's just scars (granted the scars are quite pink and the skin is obviously raised but still). They looked TERRIBLE the first week after my surgery, so it's a HUGE improvement in 3 weeks.

      Overall I'm feeling much better, but it can vary day to day, but the overall trend is headed upwards. That cruise coming up is a great incentive!

    2. Glad to hear it! I've also heard that Emu Oil or Shea Butter is good for lessening the look of scars. Maybe when you get the clean bill of health you can look into that if they don't go back to being skin colored? Cruising is a great incentive!!

    3. I haven't heard that, hmmmmmm......I'll have to look into that. I don't really mind the scars too much, I'm sure they'll fade with time. Other than the cruise, we're almost out of bathing suit season so it's not like anyone will see. But we are getting into the dryer months and my skin gets terribly dry and itchy and I usually am slathering on the lotion. But I don't want to irritate the skin before it's 100% healed and my usual lotions might not be the best idea, so the emu oil or shea butter for the scars and the skin around them might be a good substitute.