Friday, September 19, 2014

Vog: The great gallbladder eviction of 2014


  1. I kind of expected you to be loopy. lol Darn! Seriously though, so glad you're sort of on the mend. This all seems like no fun and my heart went out to you at the end where you can just SEE how uncomfy the whole situation is. :( I also think it's cute how you had a furry nursing staff first with the Dufftor and then with the cute puppy. Don't let it be said that you're not in great paws. ;)

    1. I was half expecting me to be loopy too! Oh well, maybe we'll get a more loopy and funny Rachel video when I get my wisdom teeth taken out ;-)

      Seriously though, when I was editing the footage, I felt bad for myself! I think we should all be glad there isn't video or pictures of me right after I came out of surgery. My mom said she was genuinely scared for my health when she first saw me I looked so bad :-( I'm glad I was too drugged up to know better.

      I was in great paws, even if they didn't have opposable thumbs :-)

    2. I think most of the funny videos you see on youtube are after dental visits so fingers crossed we get zany Rachel videos then. ;)

      I'm glad your Mom was there to watch over you. Things are said to be routine but there are always surprises and I'm sure seeing you in that state was no fun for anyone that loves you. Hopefully that was the first and last time they ever have to see you like that. <3