Wednesday, November 19, 2014

World's Most Comfortable Shirt

Black and White Splendid button up shirt, Old Navy coated denim, black boots
Shirt: Splendid; Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar coated denim; Boots: Wet Seal (really old); Necklace and Earrings: Forever 21; Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew #260 "Berry Rose"

Guys, this shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn in my entire life. It is so soft, it's like pajamas! I don't know what Splendid does when they make their tops, but it is amazing. This is my third Splendid shirt, and I plan to add more in the future.


  1. I've never been inside a Splendid before. I didn't even know they were a national chain. I saw one at the mall but assumed it was one of the many trendy shops that they have here with so-so clothes at expensive prices.

    1. I've never been in a Splendid store before, but the Von Maur here carries their stuff. They are expensive, but if you can catch them on sale it is so worth it.