Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Video: Outfits Of The Week #1


  1. I like your AE skinnies. I saw them in your other video and forgot to mention it. The fourth outfit with the navy vest and beige/cream long sleeve underneath reminded me of a Han Solo Disneybound. I think if your jeans had the red stripes on the side and if you had paired them with your black riding boots, it would be really obvious, but the way you styled it is subtle. Kinda like a Spring Solo look. ;) I also noticed you go for stud earrings. Me too! :)

    1. My studs are my default earrings, they go with everything! I'll have to remember that about the Han Solo Disneybound, it's too warm to wear that outfit now, but maybe down the road? #Ideas I love my AE skinnies, I'm so glad that higher waisted skinny jeans are a thing now. And these have just the right amount of stretch, so if you're in the market, I say give them a try!

    2. It's funny because I actually like how low rise jeans fit best since they sit under my belly so my belly can roam free. lol The true waist jeans cut my belly into two so I end up with an over and under muffin top. *shakes head* The high waisted jeans sound like maybe they'd cover the whole belly and maybe smooth it out, so I'm definitely intrigued and I'll have to check where my nearest AE is. I think some of those stores closed so they're not as popular as they used to be a few years back. Anyway, studs are my default too, but I am trying to use some of the dangly ones I've been gifted over the years. It's hard to break out of your "go to's".