Tuesday, July 21, 2015


reading // Class materials for work. Oh Adobe why must you make changes to your programs so close the start of a new semester?

watching // Heroes on Netflix. I watched Heroes when it was on TV, then got behind and missed the last season. So now I'm re-watching the whole series in anticipation of the new mini-series coming this fall, Heroes Reborn.

anticipating  // VACATION! It's not till December, but that doesn't make me any less excited. Details to come soon!

laughing about // This video...

listening to // Lots and lots of podcasts during my daily walks. Makes the time go by must faster.

eating // A jammy dodger, bless Doctor Who for introducing them to me.

Image of the 11th Doctor holding a jammy dodger

working on // Anything and everything. Between work, my YouTube channel, this blog, and the podcast, I have a lot to keep me busy. And I love it!

wishing // I was going to the Brickyard 400 this Sunday for Jeff Gordon's last race here in Indianapolis. Alas we'll be away this weekend, AND it's not even on regular TV so I won't be able to watch it either. Boo!


  1. I just noted the new blog header. It looks good! I have yet to try a proper Jammie Dodger. They look amazing though. Also, I just to watch Heroes but lost track of it. Not sure if I'm going to watch the new mini-series. I'm looking forward to your vacation too! :D

    1. You know we're both looking forward to that vacation ;-) If you don't get one before then, I will bring you some proper Jammie Dodgers. :-)