Monday, November 9, 2015

Our next Disney adventure!

Once again it's almost time for my husband and I's annual Disney-related vacation. Normally we go to Walt Disney World, although last year we went on a Disney cruise instead. This year we wanted to change things up a little, so instead of going to Florida......

Disneyland Diamond Celebration


Yes! We realized that while WDW is our "home resort", we really wanted to give Disneyland a try. And with the Diamond Celebration going on, it too exciting to pass up. This will be only my 2nd visit to Disneyland, the first time was when I was back in high school for a marching band trip. We went on Thanksgiving Day, and we weren't even there the whole day. And California Adventure didn't exist yet, so really this is pretty much a first visit for me. And it definitely is for Chauncey, he's never been, even though this will be his 4th trip to California this year. As you can imagine, we're super excited to see where it all began, all the amazing attractions and shows (and FOOD!) that isn't at WDW. I'll share more details as we get closer, but for now....the countdown is on! 

Disney's California Adventure

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