Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Don't Have A Favorite Holiday

Just thought i'd mimic retailers by wishing you a Merry Christmas before Thanksgiving

Something strange happens every year around mid-September on my Facebook feed. I'm suddenly inundated with two very distinct populations of people....the people who are super excited for Halloween and the people who are super excited for Christmas. And I get it, people are totally allowed to get excited over their favorite holiday, but I can't say I understand where they are coming from. My husband LOVES Halloween, I have a friend who LOVES the 4th of July, I have friends who LIVE for Christmas.

Me, I couldn't care less really. I mean, I'm not a party-pooper and I still participate in the festivities of whatever holiday it might be, but I just don't LOVE any of them. I have things I like about all of them, but there isn't one that's my favorite.

It's October you know what that means.....Merry Christmas!

Is that weird? Or are my other friends just fanatics? Does it even matter? In the grand scheme of things, probably not. Really as long as there is food/candy to eat, I'm down.

Give the amount of food I plan to gorge on this year, I'm not confident in the integrity of this chair's construction

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