Wednesday, October 26, 2016

40 before 40 Update #4

40 before 40 update #4

Well, 2016 is almost over and I didn't make as much progress as I'd have liked. Looking at my list, I think some changes are in order. So let's look at how I'm doing on my (updated) 40 before 40 list.

 1)      Become debt free: Getting there, we now have both cars paid off!
2)      Travel to England and France: Working on the plans

 3)      Participate in my first official RunDisney event DONE
 4)      Enter a cosplay competition
 5)      Adopt at least one cat or dog
 6)      Get more tattoos
 7)    Learn to drive a stick shift
 8)      Sail to Alaska: Planned for summer of 2018
 9)      Visit Disneyland and California Adventure DONE (and my trip report is in progress)
 10)   See a show on Broadway
 11)   Run a Walt Disney World/Disneyland half marathon

12)   Go on a river cruise
 13)   Go kayaking/tubing DONE
 14)   Visit the Disney Family Museum DONE
 15)   Table at a convention/geeky event
 16)   Do one of those "wine & canvas" classes
 17)   Get professional massage DONE
 18)   Visit a (non-Disney) castle
 19)   Go horseback riding
 20)   Learn to play chess
 21)   Attend a TED/TED X Talk: the one at IU didn't pan out so I'm back to waiting
 22)   See a Cirque de Soleil show
 23)   Ride a segway
 24)   Attend a music festival
25)   Met Stan Lee DONE

 26)   Sail the Panama Canal
 27)   Go skiing: We might go over Christmas break
 28)   Renew my wedding vows
 29)   Launch a podcast DONE
 30)   Take a road trip around Michigan
 31)   Attend either San Diego or New York Comic Con
 32)   Sail on all the of Disney cruise ships at least once: Halfway there!
 33)   Meet Shaun, Keith and Glenn from Traveling the Vortex
 34)   Earn my first check from Google DONE
 35)   Gain full-time employment in my field: close, I did get a promotion but it's still part-time
36)   Visit Disneyland Paris
 37)   Meet my fellow Five(ish) Fangirls
 38)   Attend Gallifrey One
 39)   Walk a red carpet
40)   Visit a working TV or movie set

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