Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Con Preview: Indy PopCon

Indy PopCon July 7-9

This Friday starts one of my absolute favorite conventions in Indiana, Indy PopCon. PopCon started back in 2014 and has seen growth every year. Their focus is to offer celebrities, panels and events you don't see at those cookie-cutter cons elsewhere (*coughs* Wizard World *coughs*) Ahem, sorry, got a tickle in my throat there.

There are a lot of things at PopCon that you would expect to see at a con: Artists Alley, Cosplay, TV and Film Celebrity Autographs and Photos, etc. But with their focus as a "pop culture convergence" they've expanded to things you might not expect:

-YouTube stars like ProJared, Nicki Taylor and CrankGamePlays to name a few
-Twisted Toonz (which I'm super excited about!)
-A Cartoon Heroes Dance Party! with local family-friendly fandom band The ShakeUps
-Sabotage The Death Star with 501st and the Rebel Legion

Of course we can't forget about some of the celebrity guests, including:

-Greg Grunberg (or as I like to call him, the Where's Waldo of the JJ Abrams universe)
-Jess Harnell
-Matt Ryan
-Johnny Yong Bosch (Go Go POWER RANGERS!)
-Sam Jones (Gordon is ALIVE?)
-Garrett Wang

A full guest list can be found here!

Joey But wait! Theres more gif


Friday evening will see PopCon take over the Indiana Podcasting Awards, with the awards ceremony happening at 7pm on the Main Stage. Right after the awards, a good handful of the podcasters will be heading over to Scotty's Brewhouse on  Virginia Ave for a PopCon Pub Quiz for charity. Teams will answer pop culture and PopCon related questions, and the winning team gets the entry money to donate to their chosen charity.

Also, the Podcast Stage will once again be live-broadcasting local podcasters, including your's truly. I will be on the stage on Sunday at 11am with a special guest.

I'll also be working with the Indiana Cosplay Association as they run their 'Heroes for the Homeless' table for the 2nd year. We'll be collecting canned goods and toiletries for Wheeler Mission. I'll be helping man the table at Noon on Saturday.

I'm super excited for this year's Indy PopCon. The people who run the event are super nice and care so much about the guests' experiences (and I'm not just saying that to suck up to Carl!) The con might start this Friday, but tickets are still available, so come join the fun!

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