Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New video: December Collective Haul


  1. Looks like another great haul. Does the Benefit concealer crease under your eyes? I usually use a powder concealer because I feel like it settles less. You also may want to try the Nars Pore Primer. I got it as a sample with a few other Nars must haves from Sephora as part of the Insider program and it's really good at making pores go away. It doesn't do much for helping makeup stay in place though but I have oily skin. Maybe since you're a little drier it may work better for you? I love the sweater you're wearing in the video too! So cute!

    1. I haven't noticed any creasing, not sure if I'm just lucky or between my foundation and powder it sets really well. For the most part my pores don't bother me, but as I get older (I turn 30 next month EEK!) I've noticed my skin changing so my makeup routine has to change as well. I may look into the Nars if I feel like I need it, but so far I'm okay. I really only got the set for the Highbeam.

    2. Ok that's cool to know. I used to love Dandelion by Benefit. I tried Highbeam but it was a little much. I felt it accentuated my greasies. :( I was using a sample of Benefit's stay put eyeshadow primer/concealer for a while, but I felt that it would crack under my eyes after a while. I don't think I have lines there, but somehow they'd appear when I put makeup there. :/ I'll check out the one you're using. I got Ulta and Sephora GC for Christmas so I'm looking to find new things to play with. :D

    3. I think maybe some of those dual concealer/primer products don't work quite as well as something that is just a concealer or just a primer. I was using the Boing by Benefit for both and it works as a good eyeshadow primer but not a good concealer. Gotta love those giftcards!