Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Help me pick out my Halloween costume!

So if you didn't know, Halloween is kind of a big deal in my household. Every year we decorate my mom's house and scare the trick-or-treaters (all in good fun of course!) I always try to dress up when passing out candy and since our decorations this year are Doctor Who themed, of course I want my costume to coordinate. As I'm on a tight budget most of my costume is coming from items I already own so none of these are spot-on but I think they emulate the spirit of the characters. But I can't decide which one to wear!

The Third Doctor


Sarah Jane Smith (Genesis of the Daleks)

Clara Oswald (The Bells of Saint John)

Clara Oswald (2013 Christmas Special)

Amy Pond (Vampires of Venice)

Amy Pond (Asylum of the Daleks)

Amy Pond (A Town Called Mercy)

So which one do you like? If I end up doing Clara or Amy I will go and buy a wig and if I do the 3rd Doctor I'll probably go buy a bowtie or slim black scarf, but beyond that I'm not purchasing a thing. Let me know in the comments which one you like!!!


  1. A Town Called Mercy! Very recognizable so you don't spend the whole time telling people who you are.

  2. I like the Clara one with the green paper crown. That should be easy to make. I think regardless, not many trick or treaters will know off the bat who you're going to be, so pick whatever is easier. You have a great number of choices here that will work!