Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Road Trippin': Indianapolis Children's Museum Haunted House

The other day I had the opportunity to preview the haunted house at the Indianapolis Children's Museum: Time Warp - 50 Years of Fear! The house celebrates the Children's Museum Guild's haunted house, the oldest continually operating haunted house in the nation. Using a time machine, the house takes guests through various "dead-cades" with spooks, haunts and nods to pop culture from the past 50 years. As an added layer of spookiness, this year you can go through the house and see it in 3D! Wearing special glasses, colors and shapes will pop out at you at every turn!

As an added bonus, I also got to see the museum newest exhibit, "Hollywood Haunts", which showcases sets, props, and costumes from some of Hollywood's creepiest creations. Hollywood Haunts gives kids a chance to see the scary items in a different light, so that they can understand that while it's fun to be scared it is all make-believe.

Haunted House Ticket Information There are 3 different options: Lights On for those little ones who frighten easily-the light's stay on, no one will be jumping out, anyone in costume doesn't wear the scary makeup and there are treats to be handed out in each room; Frightening for those who like it dark and scary; and Xtreme Scream for those who really like a fright (recommended for those 15 and up)

Please see the calendar for when each haunting is offered and at what times.

"Hollywood Haunts" is part of the regular museum and is included with regular museum admission. 

The haunted house is it's own separate ticketed attraction, so you could visit one or the other (check the website for museum operating hours and closures). Discounted combination tickets are available if you want to make a day out of it and visit both the museum and the haunted house.

*Disclaimer: I was invited by the Children's Museum to preview the haunted house free of charge. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. That looked like fun. I'm normally not a Haunted House person (would probably do the "Lights On" version of this exhibit! lol) but I like how they mixed it up with props from movies and how it wasn't a gore-fest.

    1. Yeah, being the Children's Museum gore really isn't what they were going for. They tend to go for spooky and creepy more than anything. I think we're going with some friends this week to see it with the lights off and all the actors and stuff so we'll see what it's like.