Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Secret It Out!

If you've seen on Twitter (or if you are my friend on Facebook), you'll have seen my exciting announcement on Sunday.......

five ish fangirls podcast logo

I've joined up with four of my friends and we've started our own podcast!!!

This idea has been festering for a while, but it finally came into fruition recently (mostly due to schedule issues). It been interesting to say the least, getting this off the ground. I've become the "tech person" in the group, doing the recording, editing, and uploading of content. It's hard work, but man is it fun! We're hoping to post shows weekly, but it may end up being bi-weekly depending on everyone's schedule. 

Right now since we're doing this on a zero budget, all episodes will only be available on YouTube and for download from Google Drive (the link will be different for each episode, so make sure to check in the show notes on the blog and/or the information box on YouTube). Eventually we'd like to get our own website with a dedicated server so that we can host the episodes so they can be available on iTunes (it's more complicated than that, but I won't get into that here).

I hope that you'll give us a listen. We aren't professionals my any means, but we are having a blast coming up with show topics and ideas for other fun stuff down the road.


  1. Hi. what does it cost to get this on Libsyn?

    Also, a kind suggestion to put the name of the podcast into the file names. As it is, it only shows as "Episode 1.mp3" which is an entire mystery as to what it is after I download it.

    Good luck with this, will be listening tomorrow.

    1. Libsyn starts at $5 a month, but that only allows you to upload 50MB every 30 days. Since we want to try and do this weekly, that wouldn't be enough (episode 1 was almost 40 mb). The next highest plan gives you 250MB, and it's $15 a month. If we grow enough to the point where it would be better to move to something like Libsyn, then we'll see into pooling some funds and/or making some revenue to cover the costs.

      Thanks for pointing out my naming error, it's fixed now! A second set of eyes is always a good thing.

      I hope you'll enjoy the show!

  2. I'd gladly pitch in $5 a month. Which might take you one third of the way there?

    1. That's very generous of you! We are looking into fundraising options. Once we decide on something, we will certainly let everyone know!

  3. Yay congrats! I just found the time to listen to your first episode and I think it's so cool that between all of you you'll be covering all the things I like too. :)