Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vlog: Indy Pop Con

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  1. That seemed fun! I was going to comment about how small it seemed and then I got to the end of your video where you mention the good and the bad thing about that. I"m with you on having bigger guests but not having bigger attendance. In that sense, I miss the first D23 Expo because it was far less crowded than it is now. The main issue is getting in in the mornings because 3 Expo's later and they still don't have their stuff together. We were just talking about the next Expo and hubby says we'll probably only do the weekends instead of all 3 days next year. :( I liked that first day because it wasn't as crowded so we could get the archives and vendor area out of the way early, but now it seems that we'll just have to elbow it out with the weekend masses. lol