Friday, March 20, 2015

Taking A Break

Calvin and Hobbes time out cartoon

So since the new year began I've found myself quite busy, a good problem to have in my case as I hate to be bored. However I've realized that I might have one to many irons in the proverbial fire at the moment. Between my real job, blogging, family, friends, the podcast, my YouTube channel, and being a Disney travel agent, I'm burning the candle at both ends. I've been in this situation before, back when I was working full-time while going to college full-time and at one point doing an internship with the Indiana Pacers; and while I managed to make it all work, there were a few times where it became too much.

Learning from my past mistakes, I'm not going to allow myself to hit a wall this time before slowing down. So after some careful evaluation, I've decided that for now, I'm not going to be doing any work as a Disney travel agent (or it'll be very minimal). I'm not giving it up permanently, it's just going to take a backseat to other things. I will still be available for questions/tips/suggestions if contacted, and I'll still be planning my own trips (and keeping up my training), I'm just not going to be taking on any clients for the time being. I've never really intended for my TA work to become a full-time job to begin with, I love planning trips, but it isn't my be-all career choice. But I have other projects and personal stuff that require my full attention right now.

Like I said, I will still be available for Disney related questions, and if you are looking to book a trip, I have great agents I can recommend who will give you the best customer service. Given time I think I'll be able to focus once again on planning trips for people, but for now, it's taking a time out.


  1. I hadn't seen you post on your TA site in a while, so I assumed you have given that up a long time ago. I can totally understand about feeling overwhelmed with so many "to-do's" so it's good to take a step back. Hopefully whenever we get around to visiting FL, you'll still be around for tips. (Don't worry, that won't be anytime soon sadly. lol)

    1. I had given up my TA site quite a while ago, it was just too much with multiple blogs and FB pages. So I condensed it down to just this blog and its respective FB page. I don't see myself giving it up completely any time soon, so I hope I'm still around when you finally get around to visiting WDW.