Sunday, March 1, 2015

16 Opposites*

ballroom dancing clip art

1) Would Try Once: Ballroom Dancing
No, Thanks: Skydiving

2) Too Much In My Life: Clutter
Not Enough Of: Time with friends

3) Fear Conquered: Traveling solo
Not Quite There Yet: The dentist

4) Risky When It Comes To: Getting proper sleep
Play It Safe When It Comes To: Driving in bad weather

5) Getting Better At: Exercising regularly
Getting Worse At: Being on time

Cones of Dunshire at Gryzzl gif

6) Skills Mastered: Video editing
Can't Quite Get The Hang Of: Strategy games

7) Glad It's Ahead Of Me: My 40's 
Glad It's Behind Me: Braces

8) Would Pay Good Money For: A case of Girl Scout cookies (Tagalongs please!)
Wouldn't Take Even If Free: A case of tomatoes

travel europe collage

9) Endlessly Curious About: Traveling Europe
Zero Interest: Becoming a parent

10) Always Up For: A trip to Disney World
Never Up For: Camping

11) I Feel For: Abused animals
No Sympathy: Animal abusers

12) Worth The Wait: Finding the right partner
No Patience For: Rude people

Clark Gregg my fandom needs me gif

13) Always Cool: Clark Gregg
Never Cool: Shia LeBouf

14) Subject I Won't Shut Up About Lately: Podcasts
Subject I Avoid: Politics

15) Moment Of Triumph: Finishing my first 5K
Epic Fail: All those job rejections

16) Perfect Day Begins With: The sun shining
And Ends With: A good-night kiss from my husband

*Unabashedly stolen from the March 2015 issue of Marie Claire


  1. I'm with you on a lot of these, minus the tagalongs. Give me the Samoas any day please! :)

    1. That means we won't have to fight over the cookies!

    2. Excellent point! (Unless I run out of Samoas and switch over to Tagalongs. lol)