Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Am I Coming Or Am I Going?

How is it May September already? Like really, where did almost half all of the year go? I swear we just put our Christmas decorations up! I have been so busy this year it's nuts! I've had work, traveling all over (I'm sure I have enough airline miles accrued for Disney later this year next year), helping my BFF plan (and be in) her wedding being in my BFF's wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, doctor's appointments.....I feel like I need to sleep for about a week or twelve.

Seriously, I started this post in May and it's SAT HERE, NOT FINISHED SINCE THEN! *BAD BLOGGER* *BAD BLOGGER*

And here I thought that we'd be finishing out the year on a slightly calmer note, but stuff just keeps popping up. Granted it's all GOOD and FUN stuff, but it's still time consuming stuff. Plus there's that thing called work. Is it wrong that work almost feels like a vacation? Mind you I'm not complaining (not really), more just stating a fact. A very, very, very, time fulfilling fact. #IdleHandsAreTheDevilsPlayground #Reason4782WhyIDontHaveKids

Okay, my calendar might not look exactly like this....but it's pretty darned close!
busy calendar

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