Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Mythical Meetup

Monday the 7th was epic! Hubby, our friend Collin and I traveled to southern Indiana (Corydon to be exact, the original state capitol of Indiana) for what was termed a "Mythical Meetup". Youtube "Intertainers" (their word, not mine) Rhett and Link are currently on a road trip from North Carolina to California and along the way have scheduled meets with their fans and yesterday was our turn. The location, the oh-so-famous Butt Drugs Pharmacy and Soda Fountain!

Butt Drugs has been an Corydon institution since the 1950's, but they became really famous when Rhett and Link created a commercial for the pharmacy last year which can be seen here

So when we heard that Rhett and Link would be setting foot on Hoosier soil at Butt Drugs, well we had to go. So we headed out early and drove two hours south where we found several people had already congregated at the shop waiting for R & L. Corydon is your typical midwestern small town, I reminded me of what would have influenced Walt Disney to create Main Street USA with rows of shops with colorful awnings, decals on the windows and displays set up to catch your eye.

Rhett and Link arrived without much fanfare, coming through the back entrance of the shop (free parking in the rear!). They quickly explained how everything would work, we'd get in line and present them with our "piece of America" we brought to contribute to their yet-to-be-named final project that they will complete when they reach California.

We hung out toward the end of the line so we could watch the people ahead of us. It moved rather quickly and before we knew it, our turn was here!

After they finished with the line we moved outside where they filmed something special that I assume will be added to their channel when they put up all the footage they shot on their trip (so I'm not going to give it away here). Overall we had a blast and we are so glad that we went.

Rhett and Link's Youtube Channel #1
Rhett and Link's Youtube Channel #2
You can see all of my pictures from the meetup here

CnR Wannabes Youtube Channel here

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