Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Never Lupus...

Yesterday evening my husband and I went up to Carmel to the Palladium and saw Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House) and the Copper Bottom Band perform. It was our first time at this particular venue (which the Palladium has only been around since last year!) and let me say the venue is beautiful! We had good seats in one of the higher levels but behind the stage.

Our view

The venue was very strict on the use of cameras (there were signs everywhere when you came in the building saying NO PHOTOS AND NO VIDEO INCLUDING CELL PHONES). So I only took a few pictures at the end of the show (although I saw lots of flashes go off durring the show and only one person got a talking to from an usher, but in all honesty we did sneak some video the rebels that we are).

Afterwards we both stood outside where the busses were parked and waited in hopes of seeing Hugh and getting an autograph.


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