Friday, August 31, 2012

New video: Mini collective haul


  1. I agree with you about the tanks. I have a bunch of them too and I think they work out great as "under shirts" in the winter to help keep you warmer, and also great for absorbing sweat for the summer. They also come in handy when you accidentally spill something on your real shirt. It's like an instant change of clothes! :)

    I have a few MAC staples, but you're right about the price. I wish they were cheaper, but I love the lip gloss you were wearing. I'm not a fan of brown by itself, but adding a little pink over top looked really pretty on you.

    I think that Kardashian top would look really cute at the Animal Kingdom. It's definitely ready to be "Disney Bounded". :)

    1. I have so many tanks, I have a whole drawer in my dresser that's nothing but tanks and camis. I have bit of a problem ;-)