Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our First Disney Cruise: Part 1 of many

Last week the hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity to take what I consider one of the BEST vacations I have ever been on. We took a cruise on the beautiful Disney Dream. It was Chauncey's first cruise ever and my first on a Disney ship (I had taken one years before on a Carnival ship). You can read more about why we chose this particular cruise here. But for now let's get into the trip report!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Saturday was an interesting day as neither Chauncey or I went to bed until after 5am Saturday morning. We had been up most of the night finishing our submission for the 2013 Disney ImagiNations contest (we did the contest last year which you learn more about here and here) Due to the rules of the contest I can't tell you anything about what we did for this year's submission until after the contest takes place in February (regardless of whether we become finalists all submissions are not allowed to post anything online until after the contest takes place). So for now you'll be stuck with the anticipation of wondering what it is *maniacal laugh! *maniacal laugh! (Extra points if you get that reference!)

Thankfully we had a later flight so we were able to get some sleep before being up again and heading off to the airport. We had to make a stop at FedEx to mail off the ImagiNations submission and then we were off to the Indianapolis Airport. The weather the day we left was terrible; cold, cloudy and freezing rain. Checking in for our flight and going through security was easy, but due to the weather our flight was delayed leaving for an hour.

Duffy was ready to go to warmer weather

The plane is here!

Our flight was non-stop so we arrived in Orlando in a few hours. We were using Magical Express to get to our hotel, Pop Century Resort but we opted to collect our luggage since we were arriving so late in the evening.

Waiting at the luggage carousel

We didn't have to wait long to board our Magical Express bus, but after boarding we sat for a while until the bus was full enough to leave (I'm assuming to justify the fuel usage, wait till the busses are full). We arrived a Pop soon after and checked in to our room. We had a box that had arrived earlier in the day that needed to be picked up but they didn't have anyone there at the time to retrieve it from storage. So we grabbed dinner in the food court and made it to our room. Chauncey ended up going and sitting in the pool for a little while to relax while I hung out in the room. Not long after that we both went to bed.

Up next, boarding the Disney Dream!

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  1. Muppet reference, points for me! :)

    I love your Duffy waiting for vacation to start. :)