Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our first Disney Cruise: Part 6

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Wednesday was our day at sea. I was up before Chauncey again and had breakfast in Enchanted Garden again. After eating I went back to see if Chauncey was up yet. We didn't have to be anywhere till after lunch so we were pretty lazy that morning. He eventually got up and we went to lunch in Royal Palace.

Royal Palace Lunch-Chilled Strawberry Soup (just like what they serve at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian!)

Royal Palace Lunch-Antipasto plate

Royal Palace Lunch-Mozzarella Sticks and French Fries

Royal Place Lunch-Angus Burger and Fries

After lunch we had an appointment to tour the two suites on the ship, the Roy Disney and the Walter Disney suite. Both are located on deck 12 in concierge so we were lead by one of the ladies from Mousefan Travel. Both of the suites were really nice but I can't imagine staying there myself. Both sleep 5 people but there is only one bedroom, the other beds are in the living room (they fold out of the wall) which I guess would be good for a family with kids (the parents would be in the bedroom and the kids out in the fold outs) but if you wanted to share with another pair of adults then you'd have to figure out who got the privacy of the bedroom. There are two bathrooms but only one has a tub, the other is just a standup shower and is a bit small.

The Roy Disney Suite

Private hut tub on the veranda of the Roy suite

Wall that contains the pull-down beds, one is a single and the other is a double


Ceiling above the tub

The TV inside the mirror in the bathroom

Walter Disney Suite

After the tour we went back to our room and changed for dinner. Before dinner Lou was holding a "see you again soon" party in Evolution where they would be drawing for the raffle prizes and other stuff. We also wanted to try and catch the show that would take place in the lobby with the Disney characters. After changing we went down to deck 3 and wandered the shops down by the Walt Disney theatre till the character show.

While we were in the shops we spotted Richard Sherman and his wife in White Caps, the shop that sells purses, jewelry and watches. We had seen them in there the night before but it was obvious they were shopping and didn't want to bother them. So when we spotted him again I really wanted to stop and say hello to him but I was so nervous! A couple of others from our group ended up talking to him while I was watching (and gathering my courage). When they walked away I finally gathered my nerve and walked up to him. Turns out I was nervous for nothing, he was SO NICE! I shook his hand (I shook the hand that probably shook Walt Disney's hand!) and thanked him to for the performance and for coming on the cruise. He asked us if we were having fun and chatted for a few moments before we parted ways. But not before getting a picture:

*Up next, the going away party and did we win anything in the raffle?


  1. I'm so happy that you got to meet Richard and talk to him for a little bit. I'd be so nervous too. It's really refreshing to read that he's as nice as he seems. yay!

    The suites looked cool, but it's weird that other than the ample living room, that other things are sort of cramped. For the amount of money you pay to stay there, you'd think it would be as big as an entire deck. At least you got to walk around them so that's awesome.

    That strawberry soup looks like melted ice cream. Is that what it tastes like too?

    1. He is so nice! I'm not sure if he's used to all the attention he received on the ship, most people probably won't know him by seeing him let alone by name. But if you see him at Disneyland or D23 or something you should talk to him if you can.

      Yeah I think that's what struck me as odd with the suites. All that room and it only sleeps 5 people with 2 in an actual bedroom. I doubt even if we had tons of money to blow we'd stay in a suite, we'd probably just upgrade to a room with a balcony instead.

      The soup tastes more like a smoothie. It's really good though.