Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our first Disney Cruise: Part 3

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Monday was our first full day on the Dream. I awoke early enough that I was able to watch the ship pull in Nassau while I had breakfast at Cabanas on Deck 11.

Kid's slide

Early morning cartoons on Funnel Vision



We didn't plan to get off the ship because Nassau really wasn't that interesting to either of us. That and the official performance event with Richard Sherman was that day as well. So after going back to our room and getting the hubby up we went down to the Walt Disney Theatre on Deck 3.

Duffy was excited!

Lou Tweeting before the show

Then Richard Sherman came out

He started right off with the music from Mary Poppins, my absolute favorite! All the songs he played and sang he did in the same style that his brother Robert and him performed for Walt Disney

According to Lou, Mr. Sherman had asked for a chair to be on stage. Several times he referred to both his brother, Robert, and Walt Disney has symbolically being there with that chair. If you have seen the documentary "The Boys" then you'll know that Richard and Robert didn't have the best relationship, but when he talked about his brother it was always with love and you could tell there were no hard feelings. And he was the same with Walt, he nothing but wonderful things to say about Walt. *tears*

Afterwards there was time for a short Q&A (we only had the theatre for a certain time). 

After that we went back to our room. Chauncey wanted to wander off the boat into Nassau and see if he could find any interesting gifts to bring home. I didn't want to go so while he was gone I went to the conference room where the WDW Radio/MEI Mousefan travel folks had set up "home base" at it were. Throughout each day people would be there to answer questions and other fun stuff. While Chauncey was gone I went and picked up our signed pictures of Richard Sherman (I think due to time constraints there wasn't an official meet and greet so he signed enough pictures that everyone got one!), turned in the form to book the next cruise (this time on the Fantasy!) and drop off our raffle tickets. Lou does fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and everyone on the cruise had the option of making a donation to MaW and depending on the amount of your donation you'd receive a certain number to tickets. Then while on the ship you could deposit your tickets in whatever prize bag you wanted to try and win.

They didn't draw for the prizes till the last day so you'll have to wait and see if we won anything. Then I went and got something to eat.

View of the ship from the dock area in Nassau

After that I went back to our room and Chauncey showed up not 10 minutes after that.  We went ahead and dressed for dinner and wandered the ship some more before dinner time.

There is so much Disney art around the ship we probably didn't see half of it.

I ended up playing a round of the Midship Detective Agency, an interactive game that takes you around the ship looking for clue to help solve a mystery.

Then it was time for dinner!

Enchanted Garden Dinner-Romaine Wedge

Enchanted Garden Dinner-Pan-seared Sea Bass

Enchanted Garden Dinner-Grilled NY Strip Steak

Mickey Bar! (These aren't the menu but they do have them, you just have to ask!)

Enchanted Garden Dinner-Strawberry Cheesecake

My favorite show of the trip. Hades was so funny!

After the show we went back to our room to change as all of the adults in our group were meeting in the "club" area at Evolution for a pajama party! It was a bit odd walking from our room down to Evolution in my pajamas, I got a few looks but I didn't care. It was fun! We just hung out and got to know our fellow cruisers better.

Tony Caggiano and myself (if you listend to Lou podcasts you'd know who Tony is)

We eventually called it quits and went back to our room to get some sleep before going to Castaway Cay the next morning!

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  1. I loved "The Boys" and really hoped for a happy ending. Every time I see Richard, he always looks sad when he talks about Robert. I never quite understood the rift, but I'm glad (and touched) that despite that Richard still performs "with him". I think being able to see him perform would've been the highlight of the cruise for me. Can't wait to read if you won anything. :D